Blogging 2015: 12 Months – 12 Goals: Let’s Do This!

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2015 is fast upon us and there is no better time than now to whip out my list of blogging goals for the new year. 12 months – 12 goals is a way of preparing myself for the new year and what I hope to accomplish going forward. Writing down these 12 goals gives me something tangible to work on and will propel me in the right direction at every step.

And speaking of steps, let’s keep in mind that while some of these 12 goals for each of the next 12 months may seem rather large, I will be taking smaller steps to achieve each and every one of them.

You cannot walk without that first step…

Let’s also keep in mind that these are my BLOGGING/Website Goals for 2015. I do have one very important personal goal for the new year, which I will share at the end; but the following 12 months – 12 goals reflect simply (I hope) what I plan to make happen with Informed Sharing (et al.) in 2015.

Let’s Do This!

Blogging 2015: 12 Months – 12 Goals

1 – Double December’s visitors: My stats here are tracked three different ways and read differently for each; however, I am following most closely, the internal statistics. Those are what I’m referring to in regard to doubling. We have grown by leaps and bounds since (re)launching in August and I am so blessed for that. December’s views total 70K+. Doubling that number to 140K+ seems nearly impossible at the moment but so did December when it was October and we were blessed with 2K+ visitors.

2 – Work that Social Media like a BOSS: Between Facebook, Twitter, G+, Pinterest, Instagram, and…um…ACK… It can be incredibly overwhelming to keep up with it all and NOT put oneself on auto-pilot. I want to work each one but do so in a way that keeps me involved personally at each. What I learn along the way about how best to do that, I will share with you all, too.

3 – Interact and Engage Here: I would love to see more interaction here at Informed Sharing. I’m happy to note that since installing the new comment system, I’ve seen a huge difference and I’m glad. I love meeting new folks and discovering more about them, as well as sharing more about me. It’s a two way street and ever evolving as we grow. More comments/feedback/engagement in 2015. 12 Months - 12 Goals

4 – More Sponsored Posts: Since launching in August, I haven’t had the opportunity to really explore the sponsored post(s) side of blogging. I belong to several review sites that offer free products, etc., for honest feedback – but have yet to take any real advantage of that. I want to dig in and discover more of what I can share with you (informatively), which will then enable me to keep on keepin’ on with this thing I love.

5 – Reach Sustainable Monthly Income: I won’t bore you with the numbers, but I am well aware of what I need to earn monthly to keep running Informed Sharing. My first goal toward earning a real living at (this thing I love) is to make sure I am covering monthly expenses – every month.

6 – Earn Net Monthly Income: After expenses, of course – I’d like to have some take home pay. Up to now, I’ve been feeding every penny right back into Informed Sharing. While this is perfectly normal when starting out, in 2015 (as quickly and as smartly as I can) I will be working toward earning a paycheck, too – consistently/monthly.

7 – Continue to Grow Our Network: With the launch of Tina’s new site – The Gluten-Free Foodsmith – I’ve begun to grow Informed Sharing’s family of sites. The plans I have in place for this network are beyond amazing and while I’m keeping mum for the moment, you will continue to see the evolution as it unfolds. Stay tuned.

8 – Write, write, WRITE: There are thousands of ideas for posts, articles, and pages running through my mind on any given day, and working this goal is important for me to remain true to my passion in bringing it to you for the betterment of all our lives: mind, body, and spirit.

9 – Research and Implement: I am a learn by doing sort of girl and to that end, am constantly researching ways in which to improve Informed Sharing and your experience while at the site. Expect that trend to continue in big ways for 2015 – as I learn, so will you; whether you are a blogger needing help or a reader who simply enjoys what we have to offer.

10 – More Giveaways and Freebies: How about that? Want free stuff? There are so many ways in which to pamper our readers with good reads, good products, and good deals – 2015 is going to be the year of the giveaway(s). A win-win-win for everyone. Stay tuned.

11 – Promote Other Writers/Bloggers/Websites: Part of the whole concept of Informed Sharing is to share other people, places, things around the internet. We already do that, certainly; but we’ll be changing it up in 2015 to make it easier, more engaging, and farther reaching than ever before – for everyone.

12 – Keep it Real: Always. I am who I am and I can be no one but me. I promise to continue that in 2015 by keeping it real in all ways, always. Please note that this may be subject to change, as I am a work in progress, as is Informed Sharing; however, we are growing with good intentions and have no plans to do anything but carry on in the same way in which we began – just a girl in this world, with a voice, who wants to be heard. Yes, you read that right – we are staying the same and changing. Boy HOWDY!

12 Months – 12 Goals.

WOW. Reading back through and it would seem that some of those goals are rather lofty at the moment. And some may seem a bit ambiguous (to some). Remember, though…there are tiny steps associated with each and I won’t be attacking any of the above without a clear plan in place and taking careful steps to reach those goals.

Oh, and my ONE Personal Goal for 2015?

Every day, I will wake up hoping to be the best me I can be. Every night, I will lay my head down knowing that I did the best, given what each moment brought. It’s not perfection I’m striving for – just to be the best me I can be.

That’s it. For all of 2015, really. For the blog, Informed Sharing, and the network I am building – that we shall be the best we can be, works in progress are we – always!

Happy New Year,

Sandra Lynn



Please Take AWEsome Note: We will be revisiting these 12 months – 12 goals and breaking them down more specifically as the year progresses. Any successes, failures, and whatever happens in between will be shared as a learning for me and for you as we all move forward in this life – mind, body, and spirit! ♥

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What are YOUR goals for this Happy New Year? Personally and/or professionally, please share below and let’s DO this…



22 thoughts on “Blogging 2015: 12 Months – 12 Goals: Let’s Do This!

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  2. I love your goals and I look forwards to seeing your monthly breakdowns. I have some very specific blogging goals also. They may be more than I can handle, but I feel like I need to strive, not just get by, ya know? I will be posting them on Tuesday 🙂 You have the best attitude, love the positivity 🙂

    Thank you for linking up to the New Year Resolutions & Goals #linkup. I shared your post on StumbleUpon and Pinterest!
    Michelle Westbrook recently posted…7 Resolutions For a Happy New Year {Link-Up}My Profile

    • Thanks Michelle and thanks for sharing 🙂 Thank you also for a FAB linkup. I’m going to do a post about yours and BOTS – coming soon. And YES, I’ll be breaking all these down, to share and to go step by step to keep them manageable. I’ll be bringing all that to the blog as I go AND grow 🙂

      And YES, striving is thriving, in my opinion. We sometimes can get ourselves in a lump and that’s not healthy. I’m very much looking forward to reading your blogging goals. YAY. Thanks again. You ROCK, TOO! 🙂
      Sandra Lynn recently posted…Yelling at the Rain to Stop – Life Lesson #284My Profile

    • Thanks, Heather and OMGosh, I KNOW. Social Media changes every minute…but I want to get a handle on simply being avail on each and when I am there, being JUST there in that moment. Organized…fingers crossed 😉 (It may be my toughest goal this year). Good luck to you, too this year. I’ll be stopping by in a bit to see what you’re cookin’ up 🙂
      Sandra Lynn recently posted…Yelling at the Rain to Stop – Life Lesson #284My Profile

  3. So far, I’ve enjoyed every second of 2015–and I intend to continue doing so for the remainder of the year!

    These are some great goals you’ve got here Sandra. And you know what? I bet you’ll reach every single one of them. I’m rootin’ for ya!

    I have tons of work to do on my blog. But before that, I intend to finish the next book in my series. “Creating Wealth From Scratch” is doing well, but this next one will be even better! The good news is, you’re already doing what the next book is about my friend. You are hard at work, developing your assets. Cheers!

    • YAY Chris. 2015 is going to be a GREAT year and yes, it has begun that way already 🙂 And thank you, RE: the goals. You are so good for me and such an inspiration. 🙂

      We need to chat at some point because I am going to be changing up the “Book” section here and will begin featuring books around the web; I WANT you on that list. But I want to talk to you about something first. I’ll be in touch when I’m geared to make that change!

      If you need help with your blog, let me know. I’ve begun designing/consulting/building again (an old career revived to go along with everything else) and can work with you on some stuff 😉 Bartering is good, too 🙂

      I’m glad your book is doing so well. It’s a keeper and a must read for anyone needing a reminder of the importance of life-long commitment to sustainability! I can’t wait for your next and so glad I’m already following along 🙂

      Cheers, my fab friend 🙂
      Sandra Lynn recently posted…Blogging 2015: 12 Months – 12 Goals: Let’s Do This!My Profile

  4. I love these goals! I’m just merged two of my blogs that I really cared about because I wasn’t writing on either one of them. I had become overwhelmed and so then just shut down. Not that I have everything in ONE place, (my anti-bullying blog, and my weight loss blog have morphed into a healthy living lifestyle blog where I get to talk about everything I love. I’m engaged! I’m excited about blogging again! Like you, I have a million ideas, and I’ve started keeping a journal of ideas, actually, I printed out a blogging calendar, and I use that. I’m starting this month with a bang- working with my teen daughter who also blogs on a 31 days of tips to help end bullying roundup- this was I KNOW I’ll be getting in lots of great content. I’m really glad I found your blog to help me keep inspired with my blogging goals,too!
    Wendy recently posted…My Resolution: To Be More Than A BystanderMy Profile

  5. I need to figure out what to do here and how to make it happen. Can’t take the changes elsewhere and is time to control my own destiny.

    I am simply afraid of this techie side, not understanding any of it. 🙁

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