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The Daily 2 Minute Room Tidy Rule for Tweens

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The daily 2 minute room tidy rule for tweens does not have to ONLY apply to tweens. This rule is universal and can work for folks of all ages. In fact, if you apply this daily 2 minute room tidy rule to each room of your house, you will seriously cut down your weekly cleaning – perhaps by half. Giving you more time for less boring, crappy cleaning type stuff.

2 Minute Room TidyYAY!

As this rule happens to apply to our situation, I’m bringing it to you and sharing how the daily 2 minute room tidy rule works for us and our tween. This rule has been adopted from G’s 10 minute tidy rule (which I just LOVE and will explain a bit further down below). First though, let’s learn how just two minutes per day will help save you and your tween endless head (and heart) -ache and keep his or her room totally tidy, too.

The Daily 2 Minute Room Tidy Rule for Tweens

A HUGE part of the learning process from Mags Room Challenge 2015 was knowing that once Mags’ room got to a certain point, she would become extremely overwhelmed by it and no matter what tools, tips, or tricks I tried to impart, there was no real sustaining lesson that worked for her to keep her room clean. Even if I did one of my famous MOMMY CLEANS and then worked with her about how to care for it weekly, it was a no-go. By week two, the room would be on it’s sad path back to disaster and Mags would be pushing junk around to the corners and deep into the closet to hide from my inspection.

Pointless. Pathetic. Depressing. Incredibly overwhelming.

And I’m not calling her out here. One thing I know about my kid is that she doesn’t want to live in filth. The other thing we’ve come to know is that we had to find the right ways to teach her how not to and then for her to have the time to implement them.

So it was pointless to keep on about the same old thing that wasn’t working. Pathetic because it. wasn’t. working. Depressing because who wants to live like that. And incredibly overwhelming because she was living like that and didn’t know how to get out of it.

So. Once we completely de-cluttered it all, using those fabulous and easy 8 steps; coupled with those 4 more easy steps that helped us mentally and emotionally – I knew there needed to be a daily way for her to contain the clutter.

Something quick and easy.

Who knew? ๐Ÿ˜‰

I came up with the daily 2 minute room tidy rule for tweens because it is 120 seconds. That’s it. And somehow – some WAY – I was able to convince my skeptical daughter (because what’s it matter that I’ve been on this earth 3 decades longer than…) that taking 2 minutes per day to tidy her room was a whole heck of a lot better than spending 2 hours (or longer) each Saturday and/or Sunday to clean the whole darn thing.

Add it up. Or multiply, I suppose… ๐Ÿ˜‰

2 minutes X 7 = 14 minutes per week spent doing something totally not fun but necessary.

Even if you do two minutes per day, 6 days, and leave one day to take a few minutes more for vacuuming and dusting (it must be done at least once a week or you’ll soon be living amongst the dust bunnies – they may be cute but they’ll give ya the sneezies if you let ’em ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

Once I explained to Mags that she only needed to spend 14 minutes a week cleaning her room, she was ALL ABOUT IT. So excited that her room would stay neat and that she didn’t have to spend hours and hours to keep it that way.

I suppose I appealed to her sense of laziness (she’s a tween, after all), too. But frankly, not many folks really enjoy cleaning. And the kiddo is no different. She’d much rather spend a lazy Sunday afternoon with a good book or hanging out at the park with friends. And I want her to enjoy those things rather than have to listen to me nag her about her room and then have THAT not even work.

2 Minute Room TidyShe literally spends 120 seconds each day, putting her room back together from the previous 24 hours. It’s easy because she isn’t beginning from a huge and messy place. And while we are in this transition period (learning how to live beyond the hoard), I check in daily to make sure she’s keeping up with it correctly. So far so good.

The daily 2 minute room tidy rule for tweens.

It’s really simple and incredibly appealing all the way around – for the whole family; try it and see.

Perhaps the best part is that it’s entirely possible that some days take longer than 2 minutes but because it generally is so easy each day, Mags doesn’t even realize it. And when I asked her this: do you really think it only takes 2 minutes, Mags? She replied, “sometimes less, Mom. If I see something on the floor, I don’t wait to throw it away, now. I just do it right then and there.”

Whoa. That is progress. Believe it or not. For that, I am grateful.

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn



G’s 10 minute tidy rule: it goes like this. On Saturdays he grabs the kid and says, okay let’s 10 minute tidy for Mom. And they do. A quick 10 minute (sometimes longer, depending on the week, my condition, Mags attention span, his work load) tidy of the entire house. It’s not a deep clean (he has done pockets of those, too, but I prefer my way, as does he, lol) but it does help me see past the clutter AND it helps keep our home neat and clean on a weekly basis. Yes, I am blessed for that man of mine. I know. Now, if I could just get him to…well…I plain can’t think of a thing at the moment. Most of the time, he’s pretty darn alright! โ™ฅ

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