24 Perfectly Practical Stocking Stuffers

24 Perfectly Practical Stocking Stuffers (+200 MORE from Pinterest)

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Who doesn’t love stocking stuffers? For as long as I can remember, stockings have been my favorite part (of opening gifts) on Christmas morning. My mother began this tradition with her fun, funky, and perfectly practical stocking stuffers, and I just love that now I can share this with my family.

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I’m sure that not all my stocking stuffers were perfectly practical through the years; but has I got older, those stuffers just seemed to get better. Practical does not mean boring, either. By the time I was out on my own, my stocking had grown to overflowing with things I needed (but are no fun to buy), wanted (mom always made sure of that), and with treasured treats to last the whole year (or the first 3 months, anyway, depending…).

24 Perfectly Practical Stocking Stuffers

Now that I’m the mom and carrying on this tradition with my family, I enjoy filling their stockings with all sorts of love; and of course, stuffers that are perfectly practical, too. I am blessed that we get to spend part of our Christmas morning with K (G’s ex) and M (his daughter, my bonus) opening our stockings and sharing a bite, before coming back home again. This tradition began with our very first Christmas together (9 years and counting), and we all agree that it’s the best way to wake up on that grand gift giving day.

With all this in mind, I wanted to share 24 of my most favorite stocking stuffers with you. The list below will give you an idea of how to stuff your stockings with fun, funky, and perfectly practical gifts that your whole family will love. I’ve also included 200+ more stocking stuffers ideas from Pinterest so that no one on your gift giving list is left out.

But first?

24 Perfectly Practical Stocking Stuffers (the whole family will love)

For your tweens and teens

  1. Phone Case (good to have an extra to always keep their phones protected, plus I hear that switching cases is “a thing” now…variety is the spice of life)
  2. Hair Ties (you can never have a plethora of these with a cheerleader in the house, yikes)
  3. Deodorant (get them a three month supply and breathe easier knowing they smell good, too)
  4. Underwear (perfectly practical AND fun with so many styles and colors to choose from)
  5. PJ’s (for immediate use and for the rest of Christmas day if you wanna…)
  6. Toothpaste (yes, I said. Toothpaste. And perhaps a new – singing, light up, favorite celebrity – toothbrush, too)
  7. Chapstick (or EOS or whatever else will keep their lips from getting chapped all year long)
  8. Personalized Pencils (every year, thank you Aunt Judy – what a fun and perfectly practical gift to give)

Stocking Stuffers 2015 Ornament

Of course, there are 100’s more inexpensive and perfectly practical stocking stuffers you can give your tweens (or teens) that they can enjoy the whole year through. Earrings, a hair brush, some nail polish, too. Gift cards, gum and candy, post it notes, or tree ornaments* from you. All these and more or even just a few…

(*I always get M and Mags a new ornament for the tree – usually with their name or initial – a tradition begun when my Mags was born.)

For Him

  1. Swiss Army Knife (it’s not just a guy thing but these are nifty little handy gifts to stuff in that stocking)
  2. Personalized Mug (with or without a pic of the kids – or just you – share some love with every sip)
  3. Underwear,Socks, T-shirts (there is no rule about how big the stocking can be, as long as it is somehow attached – thanks, Boo)
  4. Cooking Utensils (for him who likes to cook for her – for the grill or oven, get him some tools)
  5. Flashlight (on a key chain or to stow in the car – light ’em ups are good)
  6. Aftershave (does he have a favorite stink? Buy him one or two)
  7. Wallet (be sure to know him and his style, he will gladly change from old to new)
  8. Headphones (ear buds or a syncing speaker, a great bluetooth system is perfect for your musical him)

Stocking Stuffers 2015 OrnamentAgain, the list is endless for the him in your life. You can even choose a few from the tweens/teens list above. However you decide to fill up his stocking, do so with love. Don’t forget to throw in some candy, maybe a special memory (photo, card, album), or a game/puzzle, too. All these and more or even just a few…

For Her

  1. Lip Gloss (he should know your favorite, or two)
  2. Cooking Utensils(Big spoons, measuring cups, useful hand towels – ALL good and perfectly practical, too)
  3. Cap, Scarf, and Gloves (any or all of these keep her toasty all winter)
  4. Sewing Kit (for the purse? a must for her)
  5. Relaxing Bath Bomb, Gel, or Bubbles (pamper her perfectly practically, of course)
  6. Mani/Pedi (spoil her with this at least twice a year)
  7. Something for Her Office (personalize a mug, pen, photo albums, or more, that she can enjoy in her workspace)
  8. Coupon Book (handmade with coupons she may redeem throughout the year – from cooking a meal to doing dishes, a foot rub from you – don’t be stingy with this and get the kid(s) involved too)

As with the list for him, many of your stocking stuffers ideas can be mixed about from the lists above. Remember to think practical AND fun (and funky, too) and enjoy filling those stockings for Christmas Morning – without stress or worry for what to get everyone on your list. I love to give smartly and happily and hope you do too!

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Now. If you need MORE stocking stuffers ideas, here are 200+ from Pinterest. Even though I thought I didn’t need help with the stuffing, I found so many awesome ideas that I simply couldn’t keep them to myself. Some are practical, for him or her, and for the little kids, too.

Please enjoy these 200+ stocking stuffers from Pinterest, found for you.

39 Stocking Stuffers that Don’t Suck

She has a much more eloquent (longer) title but the bottom line is that none of these 39 stocking stuffers suck. From stuff you wear, eat, and play to gifts that last the whole year (Dollar Shave Club, anyone?), you can’t miss with these awesome stuffers for your stockings.

39 Stocking Stuffers from ModernMrsDarcy.com

via Pinterest

32 Stocking Stuffers for Men (written by a man)

I love when blogging extends to family members and this great guide is no different. Shared with the men in your life in mind, all these gifts are perfect (and some seriously practical AND fun) to give and enjoy watching them receive.

Stocking Stuffers from the humbled homemaker

via Pinterest

25 Under $25 Best Stocking Stuffers

I love this list for its practical items and for the price. With so many yummy things to choose from, you can stuff those stockings for just about everyone on your Christmas wish list.

Stocking Stuffers from sweet phi

via Pinterest

From Toddlers to Teens

With 60+ ideas for all the kids on your list, you can’t miss with this stocking stuffers guide. From babies to teens and everything in between – shop smart and stuff your kiddo’s stocking(s) with joy.

Stocking Stuffers from double the batch

via Pinterest

50 Practical (and fun) Stocking Stuffers

I couldn’t pass up this list – it’s perfectly practical AND fun. Great minds think alike, for she has included so many of the fabulous things I’ve gotten and given throughout the years. There is something for everyone here and you can stuff to your heart’s content, knowing how practical you are and how much they will love opening each gift.

Stocking Stuffers from creative home keeper

via Pinterest

And there you have it, nearly 250 stocking stuffers ideas for the whole family. Sure to please everyone on your list. And before we go, a few stocking stuffing rules* from me to you:

  • A stocking can be bigger than the actual sock
  • All gifts must somehow be attached to the sock
  • Practical is key, but don’t forget the fun, and please do enjoy stuffing and unstuffing your stocking(s) this year.


Sandra Lynn



*there really aren’t any rules for stocking stuffers, but we do stick pretty close to the traditions above

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How do you stuff your stockings for Christmas Morning?



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