3 GREAT Ways to Get Creative

3 GREAT Ways to Give Creatively This Month!

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3 GREAT Ways to Get CreativeOkay, so yesterday I had a bit of a rant-y day and I’m mostly over it. I make no apologies; it was bound to happen. This September Month of Giving has been an incredible roller coaster-y stress-ball at times, believe it. But I’m excited today to share with you 3 great ways in which you can give creatively this month that will help our four families and you benefit, too. YAY!

I do love a win-win-win. Oh, yes. I also win here. A little something for everyone. 🙂

3 GREAT Ways to Give Creatively This Month!

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Everybody Loves a Fun Funky Fabulous T-Shirt!

…and SunFrog Shirts has your style. I happened upon these guys through Facebook one day by accident and I’m glad I did. I wasn’t looking for a new t-shirt or to join a new affiliate program at the time but I checked them out anyway because it doesn’t hurt to keep your options open.

What I like about SunFrog Shirts!

  • Reasonably Priced ($19-25 for most t-shirts)
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  • And of course, they have an affiliate program.

Which is how we all benefit. During this September Month of Giving, anyone who purchases a t-shirt etc. from SunFrog Shirts through my affiliate link, will also be donating to our four families. A portion of the proceeds that I earn as an affiliate from each sale will be divided among them.

Because I won’t have the exact numbers until the end of the month, I cannot give a proper number here, as they vary, but I will update accordingly as needed for transparency. I am dedicated to helping our families get the help they need. 🙂

And remember, Christmas is coming – 99 days and counting. Get your fun, funky, and fabulous t-shirts customized for the whole family NOW!

Don’t see something you like here? No worries, browse the site for what you want. As long as you go in under my affiliate link, it will count and we all win this month. Happy Shopping and Happy Giving for a Cause!

Need AWEsome Sauce Photo Editing?

Who doesn’t like to spruce up their photos with a little (or a lot) of pizzazz every now and then…

Happy HalloweenI’ve got just the Monkey to help you do it. Yes. I said Monkey. PicMonkey to be exact.

I’ve been using PicMonkey for years and absolutely love them (I wouldn’t use/promote/or otherwise offer whatever to you, please note) for all my photo editing needs. Up until recently, I had always used their free service while secretly coveting the Royale upgrade.

I wanted it. Badly. But I really didn’t know if it was worth it. Then I re-launched Informed Sharing and because I was gathering affiliates, I decided to become one for PicMonkey. It was a no-brainer, considering my mushy feelings for the monkey.

I upgraded because I didn’t think it right to promote a product I wasn’t actually using.

Boy HOWDY what a DEAL! $33 for the whole YEAR. And all the doo-hickeys and what-nots I could ever want to make my photos sing. I can’t begin to describe here everything you can do with PicMonkey. It would take pages and pages. I simply recommend you having a peek, through the banner below.

Try it out for free. If you like it and wish to try going Royale, you’ll get all the free stuff plus a WHOLE lot MORE for just $33 for the entire year. AND I’ll donate a portion of the proceeds I earn from your joining, to be divided between the four families we are supporting this month, too.

Need examples of what you can create with PicMonkey? Go here and here to view a few. And remember, I am just getting started. The possibilities are endless. What will YOU create?

Finally? The 3rd Creative Way You Can Give This Month

It’s simple, really. Informed Sharing is here for the betterment of all our lives; mind, body, and spirit. I couldn’t do this – share informatively – without earning for doing so. This means that every time anyone stops by, no matter the reason, there’s a potential for me to earn money.

That said, I work daily to provide the best possible user experience available and am always searching for total optimization so that you may not ever leave annoyed. New visitors are always welcome but repeat readers are golden.

I know we are new (relatively) here at Informed Sharing. We’ve got a long way to go yet to bring this site to where I’d like it to be. And truly, as the Internet is ever evolving, we will never really be done.

Please know, my vision is clear, my mission is true, and my intention is that we do all live better. While I don’t always get it right, every day that I get to wake up and try again, I count as a win. It is through my trials and triumphs that I hope to share so that you may pass along to others and we all may grow good, better, best.

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn Writes @ Informed Sharing



2 Additional Ways to Give This Month ~ For Bloggers and Website Owners

Join Share-A-Sale Under My Affiliate ID and EARN ~ Learn More HERE:

Join Izea Today and Earn for Tweets, Sponsored Posts, and more Right HERE:
Get Sponsored by Big Brands

A portion of my earnings from anyone who joins through either of the above will also be split among the four families we are supporting this month. To learn more about these families, please visit our homepage for the latest updates!

Thank you for Giving to these Worthy Causes  Your Sharing is Caring

For more information about any of the above affiliates, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly or leave your questions and/or comments below! 🙂

*Please Note*
All proceeds to be donated will be tallied accordingly/this September Month of Giving runs from September 1st – 30th.



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