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Video: 3 Parts – Shaving My Head Bald

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3 Parts Shaving My Head BaldThis here is where I ever so carefully (and with a bit more editing – you are welcome) broke the full length video into 3 different parts. 3 parts – shaving my head bald. For the folks who may prefer to skip the weepy girl and the cutting, and get right to the shaving. It’s completely up to you. Of COURSE I know there is fast forward, these days. I was just being nice…(and possibly a little OCD…)

So. What do you get with the following 3 videos?

  • Part 1 – Shaving My Head Bald: is the intro plus the scissor cuts!
  • Part 2 – Shaving My Head Bald: is shaving with a #4 and #2 guard!
  • Part 3 – Shaving My Head Bald: is shaving with no guard, the wrap up, and a little weepy end.

What? Have you not seen a San video where I am not laughing, crying, or saying “um”? Oh. Well. You need to catch up. Let’s get started.

Part I – Shaving My Head Bald

Part II – Shaving My Head Bald

Part III – Shaving My Head Bald

And there you have it. The full length, broken down into three delicious parts for you to view, however your wonderful heart desires!

Which is nothing compared to what is coming in just a little while – the super charged, super fast 3 minute version, set to some funky electro beat. Though, after watching Charlie Chaplin last night, I sorta wish I’d gone that way with the music. Oh well. I’m learning…

I do hope you enjoy these videos. Remember, this is a series and we are growing this hair out into some fabulous new style (to be determined, though I do have something in mind). I will be updating weekly – already have two updates and will schedule those for later this week so we are all caught up going forward. If you would like to stay informed, subscribe – right up there at the tippy top of this page. That way you’ll never miss a thing. And as we grow, you’ll have access to stuff that folks who don’t subscribe just won’t get right away! 😉 Not to leave anyone out, tis what it is…

~ Cheers

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