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3 Reasons to Change the Way You Shower

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There was really no reason to change the way we showered. It was perfectly acceptable to just be getting in there, running some water, using some soap, and rinsing off. It’s a shower. Period. In fact, truth be told, one should be grateful that the opportunity TO shower is available. And I am. Truly. However, I recently discovered that by changing just one little thing about our shower opened up a whole luscious list of possibilities behind that curtain, and I just had to share – 3 reasons to change the way you shower.

You Shower - Total Spa

Have you ever had a total spa experience in the shower?

I know. Perhaps talking about taking a shower is a little personal. Which is why we won’t discuss all the nitty gritty details here. It’s your time, her time, his, and mine. But you need to know that by switching up your shower head, you can enjoy a better shower AND the benefits don’t stop there.

3 Reasons to Change the Way You Shower

1 – Your Old Shower Head Sucks

Let’s be honest. You’ve had that old thing for centuries and it spits and sputters but you are reluctant to replace it because who knows how to do that sort of thing You Shower - Total Spa - all the pieces parts!and what tools do you need and is there tape involved (I heard there was tape) and what about leaking and…You Shower - Total Spa - It Adjusts

Yah. I’m with you. I’m not a particularly handy person, plus I’m a girl (I pull THAT card out any time I feel it’s convenient). But this time it wasn’t necessary. Installing the TotalSpa® Shower Slide Bar (30 Inch) With Hand Shower And Body Massage Jets from IP Showers took less time than it would have to fret about it AND the only tool I needed was a wrench to loosen the old shower head and unwind it from the existing arm. The included instructions were easy to follow and despite my nervous-ness (the husband was out making a movie), I was able to get that total spa installed in record time (it was my first but now I have something to strive for later… 😉 ) and I was showering total spa-ing soon after.

Bottom line here?

You don’t have to take sucky showers any more. Get wet AND clean the way you deserve.

2 – You Need a Hand AND Body Massage

Let’s face it – there is no reason you should have to wait for vacation, spa days, or a trip to the gym (is your gym FANCY?) to spoil yourself in the shower. You work hard, play hard, and gosh darnit – you  have earned this. And it’s not super self-indulgent, really. Just a couple of adjustable shower settings at the top and a…

…let me get this right…

You Shower - Total Spa - Massage FeaturesFREAKING AMAZING BODY MASSAGE feature that hits you right where you need it.

Yikes. I’m not yelling over here. I’m explaining firmly. So yes. The hand shower – it can be used to wash all your bits (how terrifically convenient). And the mid-way body massager with adjustable jets?

Oh. Em. Gee.

I have lower back pain associated with my chronic illness(es) and this feature is AMAZING. I said. I may have had to forgo other important showering things to make time for this – totally worth it.

Oh, but I should note: this TotalSpa® does come with a pause switch, too. So for shaving your legs, washing your hair (or other bits), it’s smart to get into the habit of turning the water off once it’s all steamy in there. You’ll save some water and money OR make it up by justifying the use of that awesome body massage feature. Again, much needed. Much appreciated.


3 – You Need a Cleaner Shower

Okay, this last (best?) reason might be downright lazy but I’ll be the first to admit – having a hand held shower makes cleaning the shower easier. For the most part, showers are pretty clean (so you would think). But for all the areas that your old sucky shower head didn’t reach and that you didn’t feel like wiping down…

…now you can simply power wash that gunky stuff.

Yep. There’s a setting for that. Though I’m not sure IP Showers intended it for that purpose, exactly. And I love the jet spray for other things (like during a normal shower). But it also works great when cleaning our shower, to get into all the corners and areas I might have otherwise been lazy about.You Shower - Total Spa - the jet features

Okay, we’re not gross over here. It’s just super convenient to lift off the shower head and be able to spray wherever it’s needed for cleaning the whole darn thing. And yes, it DOES make me feel like it’s a better clean – not just for me and my bits but for my shower’s bits, too.

To that end, let’s wrap it all up into a nice warm fluffy towel. I’ve given you 3 darn good reasons to change the way you shower. The very last (a bonus, if you will) should be that with the TotalSpa® Shower Slide Bar (30 Inch) With Hand Shower And Body Massage Jets from IP Showers, there is no need for guilt. Just healthy happy spoiling yourself (and your shower) clean – the way life should be.

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn



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