52 Weeks: Whole House Organization Challenge

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WHAT? 52 weeks to get your whole house organized? It’s a challenge either way – whether you believe that taking all year to complete your whole house organization is much too long or whether you find breaking down the organizing a bit over zealous.

Whole House Organization

I like it. 52 weeks: whole house organization. Done. I’ve wasted more time than that  becoming totally unorganized, so what’s one whole house organization challenge a week?


Focus on one section of the whole house and organize it, per week for the entire year. I can do that. Or rather, WE as a family can do that. Because it will take the efforts of the entire family to organize our home and keep it that way. YAY!

Of course I didn’t dream up this 52 weeks of whole house organization on my own. I have some darn good ideas but this one here came from Home Storage Solutions 101 and boy HOWDY do they know their stuff over there.

This 52 weeks to an organized home challenge that they are running for 2015 is in its fourth year and with more than 100,000 folks having participated, I’d say it’s working. I found it on Facebook and I couldn’t help but be impressed by the crazy good way they have the whole thing set up.

ORGANIZED – if you will.

The details:

  • Go to Home Storage Solutions 101 and read why you may want to join.
  • Download the PDF.
  • Sign up for the weekly newsletter to get your weekly challenge (optional).
  • Complete your weekly challenge.
  • Share your results (optional).

When I originally found this and decided I would like to hop on it, I commented on the post, mentioning that I may blog about it, as well. Not realizing that because they have FB comments, and I am linked, the comment posted to my wall and…

Now I’m accountable, right?

Well yes. (There’s a longer story there but the bottom line is, I’m IN. MmKay?!)
52 Week Organized Home Challenge
But I didn’t sign up for the newsletter; opting to download the PDF instead. All 52 weeks are right there in front of me and neatly linked to the corresponding challenge post that outlines handy tips for getting organized in each section of your home.

I can do that. WE can do that.

And we have.

Week 1 Done: Kitchen Counters and Sink

Whole House OrganizationAs it happens, G and I allowed the kiddo to spoil us with some new kitchen supplies for Christmas (yes, practical presents are cool if discussed beforehand) and so this first week’s challenge was actually easy since the hubs just reworked the entire kitchen anyway. (Wait’ll you see how easy week 2 shook out, too!)

As you may note, our apartment sized kitchen is tiny and space is limited, so keeping things tidy is very important. Having the counters clear of clutter is key to staying organized in our kitchen.

We are also all in the habit of cleaning as we go (cooking, baking, whatever) and dishes rarely tend to pile up in the sink, either. We all have certain chores to tend and that makes it easy for our kitchen to stay organized and clutter-free.

Once he had reorganized, however, we did begin discussing a few under utilized areas of the kitchen and you can see those in the images below. We are in the process of scoping out the BEST WAYS* to take advantage of those spots and welcome any and ALL suggestions. Please and thank you.

Week One - Kitchen Counters and SinkWeek One - Kitchen Counters and SinkWeek One - Kitchen Counters and SinkAnd that’s it. 52 weeks: whole house organization. Can you do it? One challenge each week and by year’s end, you’ll have an organized house that is easy to navigate and a joy to live in – for the entire family.

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn



*BEST WAYS: we live in an apartment, so taking advantage of those under utilized spaces in the kitchen (and elsewhere as the year’s challenges progress) will have to be confined to things that are…eh…easily undone. We’ve been here for nearly 2 and a half years and love our high rise living arrangement; but we don’t plan this to be our end game!

Please keep in mind that you may participate in this challenge however you see fit. Download the PDF, sign up for HomeStorageSolutions101.com’s newsletter, or simply stop in here once a week or so to see my progress. I already know that some weeks will be impossible (e.g. no garage or attic) to complete, due to our living sitch – I’ve got some plans for how to fill in and make best use of that time, too.

If you’ve got any WHOLE HOUSE organization tips, PUH-lease share below – I am always open to improving…



9 thoughts on “52 Weeks: Whole House Organization Challenge

  1. I am going to check that whole house organization challenge out! Last summer my mother retired and moved in with us and we really need to organize our spaces better. I am one of those “even if the house is not clean, it needs to look clean” kinda girls so uncluttered spaces is my happy place 🙂 For that wall space in the picture how about a spice rack or maybe a bookshelf for cookbooks? Or even on of those contraptions to hang pots & pans from? I need all of those things, btw 😉 I have a very poor-planned bachelor type kitchen with hardly any space. I can’t wait to see what you do next!
    Michelle Westbrook recently posted…Need a Spark? I’m Here to Remind, Inspire, and EncourageMy Profile

    • Oh good, Michelle. I’d say it is totally worth it. I found another cleaning hack that I’ll be sharing too – about having a clean house all the time – but I’m waiting to get in with this for a few weeks first. The hubs and I are with you – uncluttered brings us to a calm place – he, probably more than me, as long as I know where everything is. Still, it’s nice to have it all organized – inside and out.

      Thank you too, for your suggestions. I’ve always wanted to have a hanging spice rack. I love how we do our spices now but it’s taking up cupboard space (you’ll see that next week, lol). But I want it to be unique. I’ll have to hit up Pinterest and Hometalk 🙂 YAY! AND I was just thinking shelving for the cookbooks 🙂 Also, hanging the pots and pans, another thing I’ve considered but am not sure…for lots of reasons…I’m noodling that, lol.

      I’ll be back updating next week – stay tuned and thanks for stopping by 🙂
      Sandra Lynn recently posted…52 Weeks: Whole House Organization ChallengeMy Profile

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