8 Fast Fun Facts about Patriots’ Day

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Today is Patriots’ Day and we here in Maine do celebrate this holiday like most other national holidays – with a day off from work and school (depending on where you live and what you do for a living…). In honor of this great day, I decided to throw together 8 fast fun facts about Patriot’s Day – I hope you enjoy!

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Patriots' Day

8 Fast Fun Facts about Patriots’ Day or Patriot’s Day

1 – Depending on where you live is how you spell it. In Maine (my home – for the last 10 years – state) we call it “Patriot’s Day”. Down in Massachusetts and over in Wisconsin? It’s called “Patriots’ Day”. If you are a blogger who steers clear of apostrophes’ in your titles as best you can but for this it was unavoidable? You use spaces and hope for the best. Neither of these spellings should be confused with “Patriot Day” – a remembrance of 9.11.2001 – a national “holiday”.

2 – This holiday is in observance of the first armed battles at Lexington and Concord between the British and Colonials on April 19th 1775 – the opening engagement of the American Revolutionary War with the shot heard ’round the world. Though we used to celebrate it each April 19th, this was changed in 1969, to the third Monday in April, allowing folks a three day weekend. YAY!

3 – Paul Revere made his famous ride on the evening before Patriots’ Day, looking for that lantern signal to warn that the British were coming, at the Old North Church in Boston.

4 – While here in Maine and in Mass. this day is a day off; folks in Wisconsin may simply observe it scholastically by teaching about the events surrounding this important Patriots’ Day. If you live in Wisconsin, you may get the day off from school OR you may get to learn more about the start of the American Revolutionary War. Either way, time spent learning is never wasted time.

5 – The third Monday in April is also when the Boston Marathon is held each year. Some folks do refer to this Patriots’ Day as Marathon Day.

6 – The Boston Red Sox play at home in Fenway Park each Patriots’ Day, with an early game that coincides with the Boston Marathon. This has been a tradition since 1959.

7 – Massachusetts first began observing Patriots’ Day in 1894, proclaimed so by Governor  Fredrick T. Greenhalge. Maine (what was once part of Mass.) carried on the tradition beginning in 1907 for their celebration of Patriot’s Day.

8 – Florida residents are also encouraged to celebrate this famous holiday, though it is not a public observance and we’re not sure how they spell it, this is a Florida law (the encouragement of…)

How cool is that and now you know. Just 8 fast fun facts about Patriot’s Day.


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Not sure where to put that apostrophe? It’s dependent upon which state you are talking about in regard to Patriot’s Day. Hopefully I’ve done that well, up above. Yikes.

And how do YOU celebrate Patriot’s Day?



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