8 Funniest Trump Memes This Year!

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I usually remain like Switzerland (neutral) in regard to politics. But I couldn’t pass up these funniest Trump memes. I’m not trying to be a dink about it. But he sorta puts it out there. Ya know? And I REALLY don’t want to offend anyone. I’m fairly sure Trump does enough of that on his own.

And that’s a quandary…

Does Trump actually think these things about women, immigrants, folks who aren’t the same shade as him (FYI? One of my all time favorite movies, the Wizard of Oz…)…

Does he? Really?

Or is it all just a show from a man who never expected to get this far and is pretty certain he doesn’t want to be here, anyway?

I offer little opinion either way about the guy. More curious than anything, really. But I do think these 8 funniest Trump memes may give you a giggle or three…let’s see…

8 Funniest Trump Memes This Year

Trump Memes - 1

I haven’t heard anything good about any of his “policy possibilities”. He just keeps saying the same sound bites over and over…but I like how strong his devotion is to the US (with caveats that aren’t for me to say, of course).

Trump Memes - 2

Oh, yes. The wall. Again, not aware of all the specifics, but perhaps we should work on a better system before we try to shut people out with a wall that I am pretty sure won’t stop those who really REALLY want to be in the land of the free…

Trump Memes - 3

LOL. I love all those Die Hard movies, even after the 48th one or so…this madmagazine.com cover is just giggles.

Trump Memes - 4

Is this TRUE? It’s not really a meme, but a sign…but is it TRUE? *smh

Trump Memes - 5

Yah. So, I feel like we are headed for a dictatorship (if Trump were to actually grace those White House steps). Has anyone here read the “Left Behind” series? Pretty powerful stuff about the rapture and who ends up as leader of the world (hint: he believes himself to be the son of God, and nothing is acceptable unless accepted by him first). Every time I hear of Trump wanting to ban this or start that, I think, uh oh, this is it, end of days coming our way…scary stuff.

Trump Memes - 6

I doubt he said this. But maybe? Nothing really against that Beiber guy, but he did just comment stupidly on something someone had written about Prince, so…there’s that.

Trump Memes - 7

HAHA. That’s a way to make bank, right? Trump would be so proud. But seriously. You can’t complain if you don’t vote. It still amazes me the number of folks who are known to me personally, who moan and groan, never having a darn thing to do with electing (whomever). Just sit down, clown. You are part of the problem, not the solution.

Trump Memes - 8

LOL. Just…yah.

So there. 8 funniest Trump memes for ya. I know. None of them were too . . .  Plus, I didn’t make you scroll pages, you are welcome! AND I plan to do Bernie and Hillary, too. Remember, I am Switzerland. 🙂

And bottom line?

You wish to be involved in who the next leader of this country will be? Then make your voice heard. Don’t think for one second that “it’s just one vote, I’m not going to bother…” Yah. No. That sort of idiotic logic is…well…idiotic. Don’t be that guy…


Sandra Lynn



*please note: I pulled these 8 funniest Trump memes from the internet (such a world. wide. thing, that thing…). If the original websites were awesome enough include their name, you’ll see it above. Otherwise, I simply can’t give credit where credit is due, because I have no idea who to give it to.

And OMGosh, if you have a funniest Trump meme, please share below.

Do try to keep it clean. Clean but funny. Yah. That’s it! 🙂

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