8 Ways to Verify the Legit Factor!

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8 Ways to Verify the Legit FactorFor as many scams out there, there are plenty of legitimate happenings going on around the Internet and SO MANY ways to verify the legit factor involved with each.

Earlier today I wrote a rather cranky post calling those of you out who think we may be running a scam here regarding this September Month of Giving – our goal to raise (at least) $400 in 30 days to be divided among the four families we are supporting at Informed Sharing. Because I originally never asked for a cent from anyone, I found this unbelievable on the one hand. On the other, I get it.

Folks have grown leery of so many things these days. Especially with all the crazy stuff out there on the Internet. Heck, I’ve been known to fact check things that my friends post on their Facebook walls before commenting on it; and while I take no pleasure in pointing out the false nature of said post, I do sometimes let them know – if only to protect them from further trouble.

I’ll say it again…

For as many scams out there, there are plenty of legitimate happenings going on around the Internet and SO MANY ways to verify the legit factor involved with each.

8 Ways to Verify the Legit Factor!8 Ways to Verify the Legit Factor

  • If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Fact check with another reputable source.
  • Email the person posting (whatever).
  • Ask for more information right there in the post (RE: forum/FB/etc.).
  • Call the Better Business Bureau.
  • Ask a friend/spouse/neighbor/whomever if they’ve heard…
  • Don’t be shy about wanting more information about (whatever).
  • It’s your right to know.

Bottom Line?

We are becoming a society of the blind leading the blind when it comes to social media. As soon as something goes viral we hop on it like bees to honey or flies to crap. We all do it and it is ridiculously stupid.

We’ve become complacent in our need to be a part of something bigger than ourselves and we are forgetting what is important. Much of the time we don’t even care if we’ve been taken advantage of or taken in by the last hype because by then we’ve moved on the next big thing.

How damn dumb are we?

Stop it. Just stop it already.

We are better than that.

I’m not saying we (as a society) won’t ever be taken in again but I’m asking you all to simply stop for a moment. Maybe that’s it. Maybe I’m not being QUICK enough. Maybe I’m taking too LONG to explain everything.

Well that’s a whole other issue and I’m not prepared to deal with that today.

Wrapping it Up?

We are not a stupid people, people! We’ve got to stop acting like it. Stop hopping on every HUGE thing you see and take a moment to consider the smaller things. The ones you are missing. They matter, they are legit, and they are suffering because we are running around wasting time on people, places, and things that aren’t even REAL.

I know I went around the way a tad there but seriously…whether you support these four worthy causes or not…

…just be sure you are taking time to verify the legit factor no matter what it is you stand for or behind and where you share it.

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn Writes @ Informed Sharing



Please Note: I can’t COUNT the number of times I’ve gone to re-share a post on FB and STOPPED. And thought, wait a minute, let me look this up. And discovered that it simply wasn’t true. After seeing it happen time and again, it’s pretty clear to me that we all need a lesson in what it means to be less popular and more important in doing better for ourselves and others. I’ll be the first to take ownership of my past mistakes in this regard and promise going forward to verify the legit factor…

Worry Less, Care More

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