A Broken Leg, Not a Broken Spirit – Meet Lisa

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A Broken Leg, Not a Broken SpiritRecently, my FB friend Lisa broke her leg rather badly while running a race for charity with her daughter. Her mother, in an act of true love and support, set up a Go Fund Me campaign to try and raise funds to help her and her family through this difficult time. The following is my understanding of this story about a broken leg, not a broken spirit.

Lisa Mason and I are Facebook friends and yet I barely know her. You know how that is sometimes. You hook up with people on Facebook through someone else and you become friends. That’s not how we met originally, however. Lisa is another old Y!CN writer and so I’ve “known” her for years. And been in awe of her for all that time as well. We’ll get to that in a minute because I may be already confusing you and I need to keep this straight.

So, now you might know, I belong to a network of folks who used to write for Yahoo Contributor Network (they recently closed their doors for good). Through the years, we’ve sort of followed one another around – not every single one of us – and for whatever reason, Lisa and I happened upon each other a few years ago.

I’m telling you this back story because it may sound odd otherwise when you discover that I don’t know a whole lot about her personally (as I do about the other three families we are supporting in this September Month of Giving). I only know what I see on Facebook and what I’ve learned through her writing and her giving back through her work at Social Media Satisfied.

Yes, Lisa Mason pays it forward, too. How DO I keep finding all these generous people? I’m incredibly fortunate; yes, I am.

But to be honest, Lisa was one of those Facebook friends who was just there. Not always in the front of my mind, not even always in my feed on a daily basis. She’s doing her thing, I’m doing mine. We didn’t always run into each other. We would each occasionally like one another’s posts – we both tend toward the positive on that end – but that’s about the scope of it.

And then Lisa broke her leg. Badly.

A Broken Leg, Not a Broken SpiritI don’t even know the full story on this either; just what I was able to catch a glimpse of on Facebook. And I don’t know how much she wants to share, either. Because despite a broken leg and not being able to walk and having to have major surgery and needing to recover from that and…

…Lisa barely stopped.

I mean, she did all that. Broke her leg. Couldn’t walk. Had major surgery. Is recovering.

A Broken Leg, Not a Broken SpiritBut immediately set about getting right back to work. She put her kids to work (from what I can tell it appears they happily volunteered) getting things organized for her to work from whatever position she could. Besides her being able to work, she also gets plenty of TLC from the whole family and this is especially important for anyone recovering from a major injury, as you all might know.

But Lisa isn’t 100% yet. And won’t be for awhile.

And so her mom did something pretty darn cool. Lisa’s mom set up a Go Fund Me campaign in Lisa’s name.

  • NOT asking for a boatload of money.
  • NOT asking to cover the cost of surgery (more than $40,000 initially).
  • NOT asking to cover the cost of recovery.
  • NOT asking for people to give more than this family absolutely needs…

Lisa is currently the main breadwinner in this family. And she has worked every day since the accident (including the morning of her surgery, if I remember correctly, that quick Facebook update – crazy lady 😉 ).

She’s not a quitter. But she does need a little help. This family needs a little help. Lisa’s mom has been really good about updating the Go Fund Me page regularly – you may visit there and see more photos, including where they stuck all those frightful pins and things to put her leg back together, yikes.

And you’ll learn a bit more about Lisa and her family, as well. A beautiful, supportive, caring family, from what I can see. Oh, you know – they aren’t perfect, I’m sure. What family is? But here they are, in a tough spot, trying their best to do their best; and with just a little help from all of us, they will surely be alright!

Thank you, sincerely

Sandra Lynn Writes @ Informed Sharing



Top Left Image Attribution – Pixabay ⋅ Broken Leg and Brand Family Photos Courtesy of Lisa Mason via Facebook ~ Find her @ Social Media Satisfied

OMGOSH – I almost forgot!

Lisa’s running an AMAZING special – Limited Time Only – over at Social Media Satisfied for Guest Posts with her Byline. If you are a Blogger or Website owner in need of online help in any direction, Lisa’s been doing it WELL since 1998 –  head on over now and get satisfied. Yes, this counts toward paying it forward for her, too – YAY!

Lisa? We need to talk soon. I’d like some help. When you’re feeling a bit better and I’m done with the fundraising this month, mm’kay?

Remember folks – everyone who subscribes this month to Informed Sharing counts as a buck (up to $400 – my money, not yours, easy peasy) toward helping Lisa and the other 3 families we are supporting. Later in the week we’ll be discussing other creative ways you can help support our fabulous families in need this month. I know lots of folks are struggling these days. We can do this, a few at a time, human to human 🙂 YAY!



2 thoughts on “A Broken Leg, Not a Broken Spirit – Meet Lisa

  1. Sandra, Thank you so much for sharing this and the kind words. I really appreciate it. This has been a tough time, especially since all of my kids are special needs and we have an average of 10 appointments every week keeping everyone in therapies and doctor’s appointments. With me unable to walk or drive, that makes things very difficult. My mom wants to come out to help but neither of us can spare money for a plane ticket so this was something she thought of to try to help ease some of the load. The picture you chose was very fitting because my favorite flowers are orchids and my youngest daughter (who has autism) is named Orchid. I don’t know if you knew that when you chose the image but it is very fitting.

    Again, I appreciate all of your kind words and sharing the fundraiser. We do have bills and rent that are behind due to the accident and there is daily stress of being evicted so that is one reason why I just keep going and you don’t see me complain. Just have to take it one day at a time and keep on fighting. There will always be better days. 🙂

    Wishing nothing but the best for the other families you have shared here as well. Thank you!

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