A Look Back on Informed Sharing…

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It is hard to believe that Informed Sharing just passed it’s 5 year mark. I almost didn’t realize it, until I took a moment the other day to reflect on all that has happened since beginning this blog. There were a couple years in there that it sat dormant, either because I was pursuing other passions, or because I was physically unable to work it.

And so. Here we are.

I will not be here this week, other to than to post this and try to do some networking. That’s right, Informed Sharing is taking a week off. The reason will be revealed on May 18th over at 6 Miles Daily – it’s no big thing, really. Except that it is. Life changing. And I’ve kept this secret since October for a whole slew of reasons that I’ll be sharing as I progress.

But that’s not why we are here, today.


Today, we are going to glimpse back at some of my favorite posts throughout the last 5 years. Some you may have read, others went unnoticed. And though I can’t share ALL of them with you, I am darn proud of every single word I’ve written to bring this blog to what it is today.

Thank you for riding along, let’s look back on Informed Sharing:

(1) We Didn’t Hear You, Robin Williams

We Didn't Hear You, Robin Williams

This post was so difficult to pen. And as I sit here reading through it, tears are streaming down my face. The bottom line here is that we should never EVER take anyone for granted. Love them, be there for them, and forgive them their faults, none of us get out of this life without any…

(2) That One Crazy Day in March

March 2nd - a crazy day in March...

Still crying, lol. I am not meaning to make this a sad post. But the above two are a tiny glimpse into who I am, too. And I miss my folks, forever thankful for all they did to get me to here!

(3) Good Christians are the Reason Why…

Good Christians

This post garnered a bit of interest when I first published it. Some got it, others didn’t, and no matter what, I am still not a good Christian. #dailyworkinprogress

(4) The Upside Down French Braided Top Knot

Upside Down French Braided Top Knot - quick 'n' easy hair how-to!

This post was one of my favorites, in that I got to collaborate with my MagPie. We have lots more that we’ll be bringing to you, stay tuned!

(5) From Hoarder to Heavenly in 4 Easy Steps

Mags Room Challenge 2015 - from hoarder to heavenly in 4 easy steps!

Speaking of Mags. This happened last year. And I am happy to report that not much has changed. She’s a typical teen, I think. But her room has never gone back to where it was and she still follows the 2 minute tidy rule just about every day. 🙂

(6) How To: crochet the perfect granny square


Ah, my 20+ love affair with crocheting. Renewed by the ability to learn whatever you want to crochet at YouTube. Thanks, Ma! ♥

(7) Shaving My Head Bald

Shaving My Head Bald

Right. So there was that time (or three) that I shaved my head bald. Thankfully it isn’t falling out like it used to (buh BYE Topamax) and I am now growing it into the style I’d like. Which means I’ll be shaving it again, soon…well, some of it, anyway. Stay tuned!

(8) Informed Sharing – Life Lessons

Do not miss the journey...

And all THESE! There are so many things I’ve learned throughout this life. My hope is that by sharing them, you may learn something, too. And know that I am always ALWAYS learning from you!

Such a crazy mix of posts above. I am so grateful for the opportunity to share with you informatively – mind. body. spirit. Thanks again for coming along on the ride, and stay tuned, we have plenty more in store for you!


Sandra Lynn



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