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InformedSharingButtonWhen Informed Sharing was born in April, 2011, the goal was to share informatively about people/places/things on the internet and off that interested me and that I hoped would interest you, my readers.

I had been writing online for some time by then but blogging at my own site was a relatively new venture; at least at that level. My bottom line as always been to help others live better: mind, body, and spirit.

But I wanted to share everything. I still do. Unfortunately, through a series of different events – ups and downs – I walked away from Informed Sharing – the blog – for several years. I continued to write online at various places; continued to help others live better (or so I imagine – I hope – I believe, often enough).

“…time spent learning is never wasted time!”

Recently, through another series of fortunate events, I was given cause to dust off Informed Sharing. And so I did. Without going into the details right here (I’ll be sharing those on the blog soon enough) of how that all went down, I do want to share the vision and going forward and what I hope for all of us to benefit from our time here.

Firstly, to share informatively and personally so you may learn from this and pass on what you think others can use to better their lives, too. We* hope to build a community of folks working together who simply wish for more informed sharing.

And also, we promise to inform personally and honestly in the best way we know how and for the betterment of all our lives. We hope that you may take an active role in our community here and join in a dedicated forum of humans helping humans. Period.

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn, July 2014

*We/Us: there might be a mouse in my pocket! 😉

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