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Sandra LynnSandra Lynn has been using words for as long as she can remember. Longer perhaps; though her memory is certainly not what it once was, and never will be again. Sandra also dost believe she develops a slight Victorian accent of days gone past when writing of herself in third person. This amuses her greatly. Do try to play along, will you?

Third person (whoever that girl is) just makes me giggle…

For as long as I’ve been writing online, my BIO has always been the hardest piece to construct, no matter where I’ve placed my fingers upon the board to share my supposed brilliance.

Oh, I can write a quick little blurb about me. My go to is easy and totally me…

…just a girl in the world, with a voice, who wants to be heard.

This is true and simple.

I am true.

I am not simple.

I believe this one and it’s more recent…

…just a girl in the world, with a voice, who wants to be heard…Sandra Lynn Writes so we all may live better – mind, body, and spirit. As she learns through triumphs and trials, may she pass along to others, so they may learn and grow and teach and sow!

A little cheesy, maybe. But true, nonetheless.

I want to share my life with others so they may live better. I don’t always do “it” right. Folks can learn from that. Lots of times I do “it” so right that I amaze even myself. Folks can certainly learn from that, too.

The thing is, none of us are getting out of this life, not having lived it. If I can help just one person live their life a teeny bit better?

I’m in.

And so for all these years, for all these words, I hope I’ve made some sort of difference along the way. Right or wrong, good or bad…

…time spent learning is never wasted time.

~ Sandra Lynn July, 2014

Look Ma, I did it. I wrote my Bio. It didn’t make me cringe. Learn something today?

Pass. It. On.

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