Baby Booties - How to Crochet

How To Crochet: these adorable Baby Booties FAST and Easy!

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Recently, I crocheted a bunch of baby things for dear friends of mine, who are expecting anytime now. Amongst those were a most adorable pair of baby booties. Even the hubs was like: awwwww! And it was so easy to do that I wanted to share with you. Especially my tip for getting them done twice as fast. I learned from a video I watched on YouTube, from the Crochet Crowd (which is quickly becoming my go-to for many crochet patterns, though I still love Bella Coco, for sure). I plan to show you everything I made for Lyn and Rich, but let’s begin with the baby booties.

Baby Booties - How to Crochet

There are so many styles of baby booties out there and I can’t wait to give some other patterns a try. But these will always be my first pair of perfectly pink and oh so adorable baby booties. I love how Mikey gives you the instructions to fit 3 months, but also for 6-12 months, too. For my first pair of baby booties, I went with the first size, shown. But he very clearly lays everything out, my most favorite part. I don’t like to get half way done with something and realize that I may not finish it due to the difficulty of the pattern. I haven’t had too many of those yet, but I’m learning who gives the best instructions on YouTube, and they on are my short list of go-to for making pretty much whatever I want. #crochetlife

Let’s watch (and learn ๐Ÿ™‚ ) Mikey make some adorable baby booties:

I jut love the step by step instruction and how carefully he takes you through each step. These should be called: the no fail adorable baby booties. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Want to know my #1 tip for crocheting this pair fast and easy?

If you are able to, depending on your yarn supply, begin both booties at one time. Every time he shares the next step, make sure you do that for each booty. You’ll have a pair of adorable baby booties in no time.

I have to admit, my husband and kid thought this was a brilliant way to go about it. Though, I have a sneaking suspicion I’m not the first to come up with it. Either way, I whipped these booties up in about an hour (or one episode of NCIS). YAY!

Baby Booties - How to Crochet

Now. I will say that some folks aren’t thrilled with how the bottoms lay. I was a tad worried too. However. I think it’s important to remember how the baby’s foot will go into these booties. Then the bottom makes more sense. If you are staging photos of these adorable baby booties, just stuff them with a paper towel to ensure a great pic.

Thanks to Mikey for this great crocheted baby booties tutorial. And Thank YOUย for happening along for this How To Crochet. Stay tuned to learn about how to connect your granny squares AND add the cutest border for a beautiful, cuddly baby blanket.


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Of course, making a granny square afghan or baby blanket begins with just one square. Find out how to make

the perfect granny square right here!


(discover the solid granny square, coming soon)

You’ll note there is a little heart upon each of these baby booties above. I’ll be sharing that soon, too!

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