Amazing Love and Support

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Today, I want to remark about the amazing love and support that’s been happening since this September Month of Giving began. Here we are with only 6 days left in the month and boy HOWDY what a crazy ride of a roller coaster…

But the love and support of so many has been simply amazing.

Amazing Love and Support
You may not know about any of it other than having to read me go on and on all month long but there has been an outpouring happening all over the place for these four fine families and it does my heart good to see it.


  • There have been folks offering freelance writing gigs
  • And others planning to celebrate their birthdays with some of these people
  • Still others who pleaded for relief for a couple of ‘em on YouTube
  • And plenty of folks who just plain took to Twitter and Facebook to share their plight(s)
  • We made news again in North Odgen, Utah
  • And some lovely lady across the pond shared and shared with all her friends
  • Lots of friends have sent notes of encouragement and love and support and those matter, too
  • Plenty of friends and family – racking their brains this month to offer whatever they could to help these worthy causes

We have made a difference this month and I am in awe for this amazing love and support!

Amazing Love and Support
I’ve also learned quite a few things throughout this 30 days to raise 400 and as we head toward the end of the month, I’ll be taking time to talk about some of that. I firmly believe each moment in life is a lesson – good and bad. What we learn from those lessons is how we carry on good, better, best into the next moment(s) and beyond.

~ Cheers

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