April Giveaways – Save the Date!

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Are you ready to discover what awesome March April giveaways are going on here and there and over yonder, too? Well first, I need to tell you why I’m taking a whole other month before coming back to blogging full time. I had hoped to be here beginning March 1st. In fact, it wasn’t until this Tuesday past that I decided to wait until April.

The short answer?

I’m simply not ready.

The longer one?

While I had hoped to be back full time in March, I am just not prepared. Not as prepared as I’d hoped to be. Which, adding to that, everything else that is going on currently, I think taking a whole month more before re-launching, is better for me – which means it’s better for you. I’m still dealing with a bunch of chronic stuff (getting better daily, though it seems I’m taking 5 steps forward and three steps back – frustrating at best), plus preparing for a surgery, and a visit from my mom (yAy!).

More on those last two, soon.



For now, though, let’s talk about those April giveaways.

Here at Informed Sharing, we’ll be doing two. Both perfume, one for him and one for her. I’m hoping to launch them both within the first week of April and to last the whole month through. These giveaways will be open to all US residents and all participants will have multiple entry options. The HER giveaway is valued at: $85.00. The HIM giveaway is valued at: $50.00.

With the official launch of 6 Miles Daily . com, the April giveaways will be fitness centric – the first item we are giving away is a FitBit Flex, with extras (bonus items to be announced). This giveaway will be open to all US residents and all participants will have multiple entry options. Depending upon the number of entries, on or about April 15th, we will extend this giveaway and include runner up winners, too.

We are also hoping to do a fun and fabulous foodie giveaway at The Gluten-Free Foodsmith. I will have more details about that and will then announce them by the last week in March @ GFF, once we figure out exactly how we’ll do it!

And that’s it for April giveaways. I am super excited to be gearing up for these. PLUS we have a ton more fun stuff planned. I’m playing it smart by taking one more month to prepare. We are all better off and 1 and 2 or more of you will be winning some seriously cool prizes, too!

So, save the date, mark it down, and I will see you soon!


Sandra Lynn




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