April Showers Bring … Snow?? …and an A to Z Blogging Challenge!

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Happy April Fool’s Day.
Yah, that’s right. It is April 1st. I was going to start the month in a totally different direction but when I woke up this morning the scene outside my window led me here:
Of course I made a video about it, YAY!!
It’s not a joke.
April Showers?

It is April 1, 2011 and there is about 3 inches of the white stuff covering our city. This snowy April 1st phenomenon is actually not uncommon; but it’s not really funny either.

Now…let’s get a few things straight. First of all, yesterday’s post* was maudlin at best and downright sad (to be honest) really. I make no apologies but offer up that it was not my best EVER blog post. There, I said it.
Secondly, I have many plans for this blog with two clear goals in mind. First and foremost I want to promote fellow writers and their fabulous works of art. I have “met” so many amazing people since beginning my online writing/vlogging career and the amount of information I have learned in such a short time simply astounds me.
I am also beginning a serious education in online marketing/promoting and will use this blog to …er…ummm… practice, so to speak. I’ve been learning a ton of tips and tricks along the way but now it’s time to GET SERIOUS, people!
Thirdly…and especially because April is A to Z month for bloggers; beginning Monday, I am going to be sharing with you, different blogs from all over the world. I did not sign up for the A to Z challenge this year, but I know some writer friends who’ve hopped on board and they are FABuLOUS.
So, stay tuned…they’re coming to you and oh, boy are you going to learn a thing or two…
Meanwhile, I’ve got some work to do, spiffing this baby UP!
~ Cheers
Sandra Lynn

*yesterday’s post: removed on 7.16.2014 in preparation for InformedSharing.com’s migration to WordPress. While I realize there must be some negativity to offset the positivity in this world, I felt there was absolutely no value in bringing that maudlin post with us to our new home; therefore it was laid to rest where in belonged – in March, 2011. 



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