Assuming the Worst – Life Lesson #111

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Assuming the worst seems to be such a worthless endeavor, though we all do it, sometimes. Well. Fine. I won’t speak for all of us. But assuming on anyone or any one thing does happen. And it’s worthless. We haven’t had a life lesson in some time here on Informed Sharing. And while the title for this post was not originally a life lesson (more of a “this is what happened this summer”), I figured we could all use a good life lesson and assuming the worst (or not) is important.

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Assuming the worst – a worthless endeavor – life lesson #111

I recently wrote about my biggest pet peeve and this life lesson goes right along with it. While I try in all my life not to assume, it isn’t always easy. And to have someone else assuming the worst on me used to irritate the crap right out of me. I’m better these days, mostly because I can’t control people, places, or things – only my reaction to them. But you should know, that when you assume, you aren’t making an ass out of you and me, just you.

Just you.

Because I can’t help what you are thinking anymore than you can help what I am thinking. If you are the one assuming, then whatever you do assume, is on you. But wouldn’t it be better for both of us if you just asked? And if you ask and I believe it is worth an explanation and then you accept it as truth, you and I are in a much better position to continue on.

There was a point over this last summer that I just couldn’t understand all the assuming going on. So many misunderstandings, missed communications, and flat out not wanting to hear the truth – I was making myself kinda crazy with it all.

But then I remembered the dreary past I’d had with this particular set of folks and I got right with myself.

Assuming the worst?

  • If that’s how you justify your poor behavior, have at it.
  • If that helps you sleep better at night, good for you.
  • If you are trying to get a reaction, know that your words are falling on deaf ears.
  • If you can’t be bothered to seek the truth, rather than believe a lie, more power to you.

Because I can’t help you not to assume. I can’t worry about what you think, when I’m over here trying to stay positive and full of good things in my life. I just can’t. Your assuming of the worst is a seriously worthless endeavor that is all on you. If you must know the truth, nothing you can do or say to anyone who knows me, affects my relationship with them. And it makes you look…well…ridiculous.

So go on and keep assuming the worst, if you must. Seems to make better sense if you took a moment and got the real story, but who am I to say either/or to you. And I have spent so much time giving you the benefit of the doubt, though you’ve proven me wrong time and again on that front, but I’ll keep on. Mostly because I can’t assume on you, it’s such a worthless, wasteful, unnecessary endeavor and I don’t wish to be rude, but I simply do not have time for that.


Sandra Lynn



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What happened the last time you were assuming?

Don’t beat yourself up over it, but recognize how worthless it is and find a better way to manage it and you!




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