August Giveaway Winners

August Giveaway Winners Announced Here!

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What an exciting month of giveaways in August between our three sister blogs. And I am equally as excited to announce the August Giveaway Winners here. We were closer in August to reaching all three runner-up prizes, perhaps we’ll do it in September – all we need for a total of $450 to give away is 8000 entries at each blog. In the mean time, you want to know who won each of our giveaways and I have the answers right here.

August Giveaway Winners

But first?

What’s to come for Informed Sharing, The Gluten-Free Foodsmith, and 6 Miles Daily, as the weeks draw closer to the big holiday season.

@ Informed Sharing:

  • Money-saving posts
  • Crafty posts (crochet and other fun stuff)
  • Hair posts (it’s been way too long and I’ve got some cutting to do)
  • …and other tips to help us all live better: mind. body. spirit.

@ The Gluten-Free Foodsmith:

  • Delicious holiday treats
  • Pinterest round-ups
  • …and big holiday giveaways for you.

@ 6 Miles Daily:

  • Continued Journaling
  • Helpful and healthy tips posts
  • WLS updates and news
  • …and much more to get you through the holiday season in peak condition.

And now? What we’ve all been waiting for…

August Giveaway Winners Announced!

@ Informed Sharing:

Natalie. She wins $75 PayPal Cash. Congrats to you!

@ The Gluten-Free Foodsmith:

Morgan E.: She wins $75 Amazon Gift Card. Congrats to you!

@ 6 Miles Daily:

Sharon B: She wins her choice of $75 PayPal Cash or Amazon Gift Card. Congrats to you!

Again, such an amazing month of August for giveaways. And we are so darn excited for what’s to come, this month and through the rest of the year. BIG thank you to all our loyal readers and fans. YOU are why WE keep doing this crazy fun thing we love.


Sandra Lynn




And don’t miss out on our September Giveaways. Click any of the pics below for instant access.

@Informed Sharing:

September Giveaway

@ The Gluten-Free Foodsmith:

The Gluten-Free Foodsmith September Giveaway

@ 6 Miles Daily:

September Giveaway at 6 Miles Daily

Multiple entry options available and yes, you may enter all three. Good luck to ALL! 🙂

Which do you prefer, PayPal or Amazon to win?



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