Microdermabrasion without Chemicals? It Works with Baiden Mitten!

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Some images contained within may be graphic. These are actual photos of my results with the Baiden Mitten. Yep, some of it is gross. But boy HOWDY. The results are incredible. You’ve been warned.

I am not one for putting a bunch of products in, on, or around my body. Before I got sick (with all the chronic stuff), I rarely took a pill for anything. And throughout my life, I have been careful with what I use on my skin – face and body. So when I discovered the Baiden Mitten, I was smitten. A cloth mitten system that would detox and remove a whole lotta ugly stuff – some of which I couldn’t even see with my naked eye – I couldn’t wait to try it.

Baiden Mitten

The first thing that drew me in was the simplicity. It’s a mitten. Made from a certain kind of course cloth and designed carefully (through hundreds of years of working to perfect it) to be exactly what your skin needs for the ultimate microdermabrasion without harsh chemicals, electronics, or too much effort. Really.

Once a week – a little pampering and a whole lot of benefits.

I had to try this Baiden Mitten.

The second thing that sold me about the Baiden Mitten was that after receiving my wonderful exfoliating tool, I learned that they include an incredibly detailed pamphlet for how to use and care for your mitten. I love this because I am a rule following instruction needy what do I do NEXT kind of girl. And the way they spell it out for you, ensures that you won’t screw this up.

You can’t. The steps are easy. And there aren’t many. Again, simplicity.

Along with the 5 steps for how to use your Baiden Mitten to exfoliate and remove all the dead skin and impurities, they also include a note about user safety and how to care for your mitten so that you may use it as long as possible. Following these important notes will keep your Baiden Mitten in tip-top shape for a long time to come, and your skin will thank you.

Your whole body will thank you.

I know mine is.

Because the third thing I realized about the Baiden Mitten, came after using it for the first time. This was no ordinary microdermabrasion exfoliating process. Sure, it removed a whole bunch of dead skin. There was so much skin rolling off of me that I wasn’t sure if there would be anything left.

Baiden Mitten

Yep, it was gross. I warned you.

But also incredibly exhilarating. To know that all that useless skin was no longer hanging on and that I had rejuvenated all the good cells underneath at the same time – it just felt refreshing.

Beyond that, there were things happening inside my body that I hadn’t expected. Detoxing things. I don’t want to share too many details here but if you’ve ever detoxed, you may know what I mean. Yes. Inside – OUT.

Oh Em GEE.

So I exfoliate with this Baiden Mitten and not only am I ridding topical impurities but I am also losing gross yucky disgusting not gonna need it stuff inside, too?

I was hooked.

And I couldn’t wait to try it again. You must only use your mitten once a week or bear the consequences. It is an exfoliating tool and while there are no chemicals for this microdermabrasion mitten, you cannot scrub up your skin with it more than once a week or so – too much of a good thing is not good.

A life lesson, that.

So. I had done my research a bit, and knew that even the second week using my Baiden Mitten, I would still have some dead skin rolling off. I wasn’t disappointed.

Think about it. Everywhere you go, most everything you do – opportunities for toxins to interact with your body. Now that you are using the Baiden Mitten you may have less of those nasty toxins invading on a deeper level and be able to keep more of them at bay.


By week three, I knew that being able to completely exfoliate my entire body in under 15 minutes, once a week, without chemicals, using the Baiden Mitten, was going to be my new skin care plan. After getting the hang of it in week one, enjoying all the added benefits of it through week two, and knowing that I’m not putting anything gross into my body to achieve the desired result…

…firmer, softer, more clear skin; I’m in.

The Baiden Mitten really does work.

And I say that, not because I want to convince you, but because I’m still so amazed. And excited every week to get in there and get scrubbing. I don’t have the huge amounts of dead skin rolling off as in the first couple of weeks but these days, that’s okay. I believe, through proper maintenance, that my skin will continue to improve…

Baiden Mitten - The Ankle before the mitten.

…that ankle looked dirty for years, no matter how hard I washed/scrubbed/whatever. It wasn’t dirty. It was in need of some serious TLC that no amount of lotion could handle. And it was only that section on that one ankle.

Gross, right? I know.

Baiden Mitten - One WeekAfter the first Microdermabrasion treatment with the Baiden Mitten.

Baiden Mitten - Week FourAfter the fourth.


And that is not the only body skin part that needed help or is improving.

I wish I could show you everything, but be thankful I am not. 🙂 Just know that you can have softer, supple, clean – really truly deep clean – skin, without the use of harsh chemicals, by simply and effectively exfoliating weekly with the Baiden Mitten.

And if you take care of your mitten properly, it will take care of you, too. I know, cheesy. But true.

So, really quick, let’s break this down:

  • You buy the mitten.
  • Get all warm, toasty, and wet in the shower.
  • Give your body an all over microdermabrasion scrub (you adjust for firmness).
  • Repeat as often (accordingly) as needed.
  • Reap the benefits.

What are the benefits of the Baiden Mitten? (As I’ve noted):

  • All over body/skin softness.
  • Problem areas clearing up/disappearing.
  • Internal detoxification.
  • Weight loss (water weight and clothing feeling more loose and comfortable upon immediate dressing).
  • More frequent back rubs from the hubs (probably not more frequent because he just does that, but maybe? it’s the mitten…)
  • All over feeling of clean and health.

That last helps propel me to consider the whole health picture. As I stated in the beginning, I’ve got some chronic issues and with that, a whole plethora of things that prevent me from doing certain things.

I’m learning ways around that (never say never, wouldja?) and this is just another one of those ways. A natural way to cleanse my body of impurities, imperfections, and whatever other gross stuff that happens along. The best part about this is that I can see results. I know it’s working.

That is the most brilliant piece of all. It works. I can see that it works. Which is why I am smitten with this Baiden Mitten. Gosh sakes, I don’t know how to stop talking about this darn mitten. But maybe you have to go. I should go, too. It’s time for another scrub and I can’t wait to get in there again.


Anyway, you go, I’ll go, we’ll all go – grab our mittens and get to exfoliating. Once you do it, you won’t want to stop. Just remember, I warned you how good this Baiden Mitten would be…

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn


How do you exfoliate for softer, healthier skin – inside and out?



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