8 Funniest Bernie Sanders Memes This Year!

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Okay. Moment of truth here. I’m just not sure how funny these funniest Bernie Sanders memes really are. There. I said it. You know, last week when I roasted Trump (hey, he puts it out there)…

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…it was a whole lot easier to find the funny. But I had to dig a little to find some funniest Bernie Sanders memes and I don’t know if it’s because I kinda like the guy or what…well, you’ll see if you get a good giggle.


8 Funniest Bernie Sanders Memes This Year!

1 –

8 Funniest Bernie Sanders Memes - 1

#truth . Bernie is not without the messy hair. Hmmm. They’ve got product for that, just saying’…Maybe he likes it. Especially if it gives him super powers!

2 –

8 Funniest Bernie Sanders Memes - 2

BAHA HA. HA. If you like drinking games and want to p%#s off your friends. What IS up with all these promises, anyway? I know he means well, but…

3 –

8 Funniest Bernie Sanders Memes - 3

Another truth. It does concern me, his age. But I like his confidence that he’ll not only get in the first time, but that he’s sure he’ll double it. #FeeltheBern

4 –

8 Funniest Bernie Sanders Memes - 4

LOL. Get it? Weekend at Bernie’s…what a movie that was! Sorry not sorry if I’m being Captn Obvious. It’s kinda my thing.

5 –

Funniest Bernie Sanders Memes - 5

I know. This one has Trump in it. But it was too funny to pass up. This IS funniest Bernie Sanders Memes, after all. And seriously? We all know there are some crazies out there. Said the girl who has weekly therapy appointments. 🙂

6 –

8 Funniest Bernie Sanders Memes - 7

So yah. The hair comparison. It is official. And I’ve got product for both of them.

7 –

Funniest Bernie Sanders Memes - 6

This one is funny AND true. I haven’t seen one post supporting any other candidates when I scroll my Facebook feed. I’m not saying they aren’t out there, I’m just not seeing them.

8 –

8 Funniest Bernie Sanders Memes - 8

Another funny but true AND it’s Spongebob. So. Yah. There’s that.

And there you have it. My 8 pick/pics for funniest Bernie Sanders memes. And that reminds me. Something even my kiddo knows. Pay attention now:

If Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump win the nominations but YOU vote for Bernie, you just might be throwing away your vote. Essentially voting for Trump to win. Yah. No. At that point, you have to remember that you are choosing the lesser of two evils.

I’m not telling you how to vote. I’m not telling you not to vote. Just vote smart. Vote your conscious. This is a country divided and if we don’t get it together, we ALL lose.


Sandra Lynn



It’s possible that I’m sharing my political views by all that above. No matter. I like to think that I’m a sane, fairly smart, and intrigued by the hype but not giving into it, kind of girl. If we all mess this 2016 election up, it will be our own darn fault. #TeamUSA

*please note: I pulled these 8 funniest Bernie Sanders memes from the internet (such a world. wide. thing, that thing…). If the original websites were awesome enough include their name, you’ll see it above. Otherwise, I simply can’t give credit where credit is due, because I have no idea who to give it to.

Stay tuned, I haven’t forgotten about Hillary. I’ll be out most of next week because of my surgery, but she’ll get her time in the sun, soon! 🙂




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