Bioque Pronto: Takes Care of Wrinkles Just That Fast!

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Bioque Pronto. I love the name of this product. Pronto. If it’s going to happen (and I am a must-see-results kind of girl), I surely don’t mind it happening pronto. Call it impatience if you will; I’m willing to bet that I’m not the only one with “instant gratification” issues. (Okay, that’s probably a life lesson to be explored later on – I really do never know what’s going to come from my head through my fingers, sometimes.)


Bioque Pronto - diminish those fine lines and wrinkles in minutes...Bioque Pronto. It’s in the name. This wrinkle(s) and fine line diminishing cream claims to do just that – pronto.

I had to try it. If you hadn’t noticed, I’m getting older. And while I’m not panicking about it, there are areas where I’d like to take better care. Like those little feather lines around my mouth. Yes, I have them – most of us do. They are caused by years of laughing, pursing, and yes – most definitely from smoking. I have them and I when I read that Bioque’s Pronto might diminish the look of those fine lines around my mouth AND within 10 minutes of applying it? I was in.

 What I love about Bioque Pronto:

  • It’s beautifully packaged (yes, that matters to me, as it does to a lot of consumers, whether it’s logical or not). Bioque Pronto - it's just that fast!
  • It’s scientific (an alternative to expensive cosmetic procedures, it’s a target wrinkle treatment).
  • It’s easy to apply (a tiny spatula is included AND handy for application).
  • I can feel it working (I know. I know. But seriously, after applying, I can feel that lovely tightening affect, that may or may not be psychological).
  • It’s not heavy (a light cream, they recommend not slathering it on; rather use less, with more results!).

Bioque also states that though you can see 50-90% reduction in fine lines within minutes and lasting up to 24 hours, these benefits continue to increase over time, with use.

Oh, yay! More pampering. Which is how I’ve begun to see my morning and nighttime beauty regimen. A little me time; a little pampering San. And with results that are good for me. Who cares if anyone else notices (and they are, I’ve been told), I am seeing those feathers disappear and I am thrilled. Thank you for taking care of it Pronto, Bioque!


Sandra Lynn



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