Blogging 2015: February Recap – Hitting Goals and Planning Ahead

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Two months ago, I sat down and wrote out 12 goals for this year, in regard to Informed Sharing. I almost can’t believe we’re into March already but here we are. And of course, we’re HERE to recap February: how’d I do with hitting goals and planning ahead for this month and beyond.

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We are hitting goals and planning ahead - YAY!February was a great month as far as the three goals I set to work on this past month. You may find that post here for more info; but know that I’m highlighting those three February goals right below:

Work that Social Media?

I made some serious strides with this and the BEST part was that none of it felt forced. Finding a couple of good linkups helped, as well as making sure that I dedicated time to each. I am not over this hump, however. Social Media (and knowing how to work it) is an ongoing and ever changing thing; so we’ll just keep workin’ it…

More Sponsored Posts?

I actually didn’t do any paid reviews or sponsored posts this past month; beyond placing relevant affiliate links.

BUT. I did join a fabulous review site that is wicked easy to navigate and to receive products to review (packages of free stuff now arriving daily and I am loving all of it). I am happy that I can choose what to apply for and thus, don’t have to worry about compromising my integrity as a human, much less a blogger. If I love the product, I’m going to tell you about it – HARD. 😉

Stay tuned for those fun reviews, coming soon. And yes, I’ll also share the website – I am hanging in to officially complete a few tasks before bringing it to you. Again, I don’t want to pimp or promote anything that sucks.

I was also accepted to the wonderful community at Social Fabric. It was actually a quick process to be approved, but I’ve spent the entire month getting everything set up over there. It’s intense but that is a GOOD thing – they want their influencers to know the ins and outs of it all so that we do a good job for each client. I’m really excited to begin participating in Shoppertunities – which will benefit us all: mind, body, and spirit. YAY!

And please know, my sharing reviews for products or writing sponsored posts IN NO WAY affects your participation here at Informed Sharing. I will still continue to bring it to you – GOOD – for the betterment of all our lives.

And last but not least for February, hitting goals and planning ahead?

Promote other Bloggers/Writers/Websites.

Of course. I do this daily in a multitude of ways.


Promoting others has always come pretty easy for me. I am firmly in the camp of “giving credit where its due” and that includes linking to those who help me bring the AWEsome to Informed Sharing.

The rest is fun and fab, too. And ALL that sharing helps with my first goal from February, as well.

February was good. I worked these three goals, almost without thought, as I had already researched some things. And it felt natural. No one was begging for me to promote them, whether it was sponsored or other bloggers. I just did what I do; perhaps ramped up a bit.

I will continue this trend in March.

Because I’m working on more than one goal in a given month, I can do that, right? Sure. Why not. Besides, all three of these focuses are only going to benefit us ALL!


So. March. Let’s Focus on:

  • Social Media: improving my reach AND working on ways to better work my time with each.
  • Sponsored Posts: sharing some awesome reviews and shoppertunities AND we’re going to also be giving away some stuff, too. (A little more research is needed for that, to get it right, yay!)
  • Promoting Others: Easy peasy but let’s stay creative this month, too. Roundups, researching, and just simply stumbling upon good stuff can make this one of the best aspects of my J.O.B.

Oh, and how’d I do with my ad revenue?

If you remember from last month, I tripled what I’d earned in December, for January. I was hoping to at least double that in February.

Yah. Boy howdy, I came darn close to tripling it again.


We’re going to come back to talking about earnings in a couple months, stay tuned; I’m in the process of switching ad networks and the potential there is HUGE.

And one more thing?

I was hoping to reach 140,000 visitors in a single month, this year. I hadn’t set a goal for when, but in January we were blessed with nearly 125,000 folks who stopped by to visit.

In February, we grew to more than 190,000.

I KNOW. Yikes.

Bonus Goal for March:
200,000 visitors.

With 3 more days this month than last, this should be easy? Well. We’ll see. I am – always – grateful for everyone who finds their way here and appreciates what’s happening at Informed Sharing.

And there you have it.

February Recap: Hitting Goals and Planning Ahead. I’m really glad I put “pen to paper” at the beginning of the year with my goals. They are big, possibly vague, and a tad all over the place; however, I am confident in just the first two months of 2015, that I am right on target with growing Informed Sharing (and its network of sites) per what I see it being (in my head).

Feels good to have goals and “git ‘er dun”.

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn



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Did you set goals in 2015?

Professionally or personally, please share below…and stay tuned for why I believe goals are better/different/more productive than resolutions!



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    • Thanks, Mariet 🙂 I’m still a bit stunned by the growth. But happy and excited for the future, too 🙂 And yes, definitely an ad network post is in order. As soon as things settle with the new one. I was happy with my old one, in many ways – except that bottom line 🙁 I don’t want to walk away from them but… AND, if your blog is small, they are good to start with… 🙂
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    • Thank you, Vicky 🙂 You will reach that and more, I’m sure 🙂 I feel so blessed and perhaps a tad overwhelmed by the goodness happening around here, just WOW! And goodness. Full time job + this. THIS is my full time and I love it. And very glad that now it is beginning to look like it’s viable, too. To be able to do what I love AND get paid for it? Heaven 🙂

      PS: Thanks for turning me on to the Blogger Babes. AWEsome 🙂
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