Blogging 2015: March Money Madness and All About April

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Three months ago, I sat down and wrote out my blogging goals for 2015, here at Informed Sharing. Time is flying quickly in this new year and here we are already to April; but first, I’ve got to tell you about our March money madness and how excited I am for what’s to come.

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March Money Madness and all about AprilSo how did March pan out with the three goals I set…

Work that Social Media: I continue to do that, daily. This is an ongoing thing and one I do wish to do to the best of my ability. Organic sharing, spending time at each site, and genuinely enjoying the whole experience are just three ways I intend to continue working it – like a BOSS.

If you’d like to follow me around these intertubes, please feel free to find me at any of the above places (at the top of this or any page at Informed Sharing). I generally follow back and love the interaction!

More Sponsored Posts: YES. I completed several reviews this past month and thoroughly enjoyed every single one. I do not write about/pimp/or otherwise promote anything I don’t believe in or haven’t actually used, myself – so getting to try new things AND share the ones I absolutely love has been AWEsome. I will continue to share informatively, as I discover new products and/or other fun stuff – for the betterment of all our lives: mind, body, and spirit.

Discover my #truereviews right here!

Promote Other Bloggers/Websites: This goal is also ongoing and another I really enjoy. I can’t possibly know it all; and love that I have a wealth of information via other fine bloggers, etc., that I can bring to all of you. Stay tuned for more shameless promotion of blogging friends – you just never know what we’ll come up with next.


And then? Something wicked cool happened. March Money Madness!

I mentioned in last month’s recap that I was in the process of switching ad networks. That whole thing as been AMAZING and I believe now that I can finally move forward with confidence that Informed Sharing is sustainable AND that I will be earning a paycheck (after expenses) quite soon, too. My earnings for March, ad revenue combined (there was an overlap) was a whopping:


I am currently projected to triple that for April but because we are still in my optimization period, I will likely earn much more – time will tell, of course. Eventually, I may begin sharing income reports here at Informed Sharing (it seems to be a growing trend and I do like to track the $$ growth – AND so does Uncle Sam πŸ™‚ ); we’ll just see how it goes. I am working on not having all my eggs in one basket (ads) and am excited to explore other money earning potential, in order to continue doing this thing I love.

My other earnings for March totaled $300+ for this site and with this, I believe we are well on our way.

To that end, the three goals I’ll be focusing on for April are:

5 – Reach Sustainable Monthly Income: again, this matters if I plan to be here sharing informatively. Now that my ad network is in place here, I will work on other ways to earn income, while continuing to provide you all with what you’ve come to expect here at Informed Sharing.

7 – Continue to Grow Our Network: now that Tina is well on her way with The Gluten-Free Foodsmith, she and I are working on several other sites, together and separately, to grow this network into what I envision it to be. We will soon begin the build on two (one a piece) more sites, to launch by June (tent.); and my goal for 2015 is to have 8 sites (min.) in our network. Stay tuned for more on those…

8 – Write, write, WRITE: I spent a fairly large portion of last month, re-learning how to be better organized with my writing vs. ALL THE OTHER STUFF THAT MAKES UP RUNNING A SUCCESSFUL site and I am pleased with how that’s going. For this month of April, I plan to continue that – with a goal of being one month ahead by April’s end (scheduled posts). My passion is writing. I don’t wish it to be a chore. So far, here, it is anything but…

As you may realize, with 12 months – 12 goals, I’m not focusing on just one a month. My goals are intertwined and designed for me to work them together. If all goes well in April, I will have focused on 6 of those 12 goals – HARD – while continuing to keep all the rest in mind along the way.

Especially number 12.

And that about sums up my March money madness and all about April – what a great recap. Dontcha think?

Oh, I almost forgot. My goal for March viewer-wise? 200,000

The actual number of folks who stopped by this past month totaled almost 375,00.

Yah. I know. INSANE. And I am so grateful for each and every one of you. Thank you kindly for visiting and please stop by again, any time. I’ll leave the light on for ya!

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn



PS: I have a goal for April – for the numbers. But I’m a little nervous to say it out loud. Based on the first few days in this month, Informed Sharing could have more than 600,000 visitors in April…given that I’m conservative in that regard, let’s set the goal at 475,000 and see how it all shakes out. “See” you next month for April re-cap.

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And how’s it going in YOUR blogging world in 2015?



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