Informed Sharing - Knowledge is PowerNearly every writer I know as a title or three (and even some pages hammered out) that he or she wishes were published. Someday this page will list my books. Someday soon. Stay tuned…

Whoa. Wait a minute. Hold up. HEY!

Just because I don’t have any books here, doesn’t mean I can’t share other people’s books…

…I thought to myself, as I noodled about how best to present this page. I do want to keep this one aspect of Informed Sharing for my books, eventually.


It would completely and horrifically shameful not to share this guy – Martin Crosbie – with you all. Why, I’m currently stalking him over on Facebook.


Mostly because he shares brilliant stuff, daily. Call it what you want – stalking, creeping, following, whatever… I’m paying attention and you should be too. Martin Crosbie knows a heck of a lot about publishing e-books and ALL that goes with it AND what he doesn’t know, he has people…he has PEOPLE, people. He has people who know.

Just recently, he gave us all this – E-Book Resources – from a friend of his; filled to the brim with useful things you need to know…

I know. SWEET!

So there. While you’re waiting for me to start listing my books above, you have some things to learn about publishing your own e-books, from Martin Crosbie and friends.

You’re welcome!

Image Attribution – Pixabay

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    • OMGosh, Chris, exactly who I thought of when creating this page. Martin is brilliant and you will soak it up and benefit; with your brilliance and his (and his people) – KaBLAM – AMAZING 🙂 YAY 🙂

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