Build Your Better Blog

Build Better Blog

When I decided to re-launch Informed Sharing, recently, I didn’t have a clear plan in place – heck I didn’t even know that I wouldn’t be at the same “address” for more than 6 days after removing the first dust-cover. But here it is and here we are, building a better blog. Below you will discover the step-by-step process I’m taking to re-build Informed Sharing into the good, better, best website it can be. I’m bringing all of you along because perhaps you’ll find ways in which to build your better blog/website, too. It’s a work in progress and on-going, so be sure to book-mark this page and check in  often as we work to build your better blog.

Build Your Better Blog

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Informed Sharing 2014 - How I Ended Up HereInformed Sharing 2014 – How I Ended Up Here

Is Qadabra Right for You?Is Qadabra Right for You?

Need Blog Help? Go Get It!Need Blog Help? Go Get It!

You Want to Blog...Now What?You Want to Blog…Now What?

Where to Blog Good, Better, Best?Where to Blog Good, Better, Best?

Rediscovering Informed Sharing on BloggerRediscovering Informed Sharing on Blogger

One Quick Blogspot Tip - Remove It!One Quick Blogspot Tip – Remove It!

Need a Domain Name?Need a Domain Name?

Stay tuned, more Build Your Better Blog Tips and Tricks added weekly – be sure to bookmark this page and check in often!

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PicMonkey Photo editing made of win

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