Why Calvin Klein Perfume? Giveaway Explained

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Someone asked me the other day: Why Calvin Klein perfume? It seems like an odd choice for a giveaway. Perhaps. This question got me thinking. It’s giveaway 101 – whatever you give away should be related to your blog, your niche.

So yah. Perfume. Specifically Calvin Klein. Why? Because I love this scent. And this blog is about informed sharing. Sharing information to help us all live better – mind, body, and spirit. My niche is…well…everything…

Calvin Klein Perfume Giveaway Enter To Win InSH-April

So yah. I’m informing you now, that I love this Calvin Klein perfume. It’s Euphoria. It’s sweet and sexy. A floral scent that hints of a passion that is enticing and sensual. It’s also gentle.

Gentle on my head, that is.

I have to be careful with what I wear. I’ve got a favorite body spray that is light and clean. Also sweet and a little sexy. But I wanted a perfume that I could wear that wouldn’t send me to bed for a month. Since I got sick, smells matter so much more. Just the other day, I walked by a woman who nearly knocked me over (oh, the pain in my head from that) with her scent. Too strong? Maybe, maybe not. But it went straight to my head and lingered for hours.

I needed something that I could wear and that wasn’t too strong for others, too. I get it. The smell vs. pain thing is real. Whew.

And I found the perfect perfume – Calvin Klein’s Euphoria. As described above, no increase in head pain and doesn’t overwhelm others, either.

So yah. I wanted to bring that to you. Calvin Klein Perfume. The last time I bought my bottle, I bought one for you, too.

Calvin Klein Perfume Giveaway InSH April

…and I didn’t want to leave the guys out. I thought it’d be good for folks to have the opportunity to try a few (or 4) scents. A perfect Father’s Day gift, coming just around the corner.

Calvin Klein Perfume Giveaway-InSH-April-2

And there you have it. Not odd, if you consider what we’re all about here at Informed Sharing. One day it’s a Calvin Klein perfume. And the next? Showing off my latest hairstyle…or the gorgeous updo on Mags, maybe a DIY tutorial (all coming later this month…)…

It’s just a great little scent and I’m just sharing it with you. #informedsharing


Sandra Lynn



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