…but What Choice Do I Have? Life Lesson #428

…but What Choice Do I Have? Life Lesson #428

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This phrase always strikes me funny. Not in the ha-ha sense; rather in the “I want to shake you and smack ya face and force you to listen”…when you plead those words …but what choice do I have?

...but What Choice Do I Have? A plethora of choices. You literally have too many (a plethora) of choices. And frankly, you are making a really poor choice by choosing to remain in whatever situation, simply because you believe you have no other choice.

I know. That’s a choice, too. Crazy, right?

The idea for this post popped up during a discussion in a writer’s forum, recently. Without going into details (and ONLY BECAUSE I am planning a special tribute suitable for that place, soon), I will only say here, that the person who wrote this phrase sincerely believes he has no other choice – even though he is not happy about the current situation…

I immediately responded with my go-to, which is the pat answer up above – a PLETHORA of choices…

…but it goes beyond that (and of course we all continued the conversation there, but…).

No one should ever have to say: But what choice do I have?

You should always have choices. And while they may not always be clear, if you take a moment to sit and consider your options, you may find that remaining in (whatever) situation simply because you have no other choice is not your only choice.

Otherwise you are dabbling with insanity and we all know the definition of that…

“Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”  Albert Einstein

…but What Choice Do I Have?

The next time you find yourself in a place you’d rather not be, take a moment and think about your choices. Chances are, you’ll realize that there is an alternative to (whatever) and no matter how hard it may be to take that step, you will probably discover that you’re much better off in a new space – mind, body, and spirit!

You Are Responsible
And remember, no matter what choices you make, you must own them. They are yours alone and taking responsibility for them will enable you to move forward with the next good, better, best choice(s) – for all your life.

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn



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Please Note: no fellow writers were shaken or smacked in the writing of this piece. I will be following up with that “special tribute” I mentioned above, as soon as I’ve decided (made my choice) exactly how I shall handle it – properly, appropriately, and for the betterment of all our lives. Oh, and it should also be noted that I’ve most certainly uttered those words (…but what choice do I have…) a time or two, too. How else did I get here, if not for there!

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