Choosing 8 Persona Paper Peeps is…

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PersonaPaper.INSH.Use.2When I decided to have a “Top 8” page at Informed Sharing, I knew I wanted it to be fun and informative. I called it San’s Top 8, originally. But that was too personal. I knew I wanted to showcase people from Persona Paper so that was always the plan.

But then I decided to open it up and make it more involved all the way around. I noodled it for awhile. And then some more. And then a tiny bit more. Until “Your Top 8” was born.

So now, anyone can participate and everyone can enjoy what is listed there. Oh, I’m still going to share fabulous Persona Paper Peeps – that’s why we are here, today. I’ve got my top 8 for this 1st week ready to go and I do think you’ll love my first picks.

After you spend some time getting to know these fine folks, hop back here and I’ll share at the bottom more about how you can join in Your Top 8!

Choosing 8 Persona Paper Peeps is…

CoralLevang.InSHCoral Levang

This lovely lady needs no introduction but if you don’t know her, you should. Coral hails from the west coast and is as feisty as they come. A straight shooter who writes from the heart, she always manages to teach you a lesson or three and leave you better off for having stopped by.


Bensen32, as he is called at PP (I’ll let him decide to share his name proper, or not) writes with humor and a humility that is refreshing and honest. I appreciate his candor and enjoy his prose every chance I get. Go let him know it’s okay to be popular 😉


Donald Pennington. What can I say about this guy that I haven’t said before. Seriously. I’ve been mushing and gushing about him since 2010 all over the internet. True story. He’s honest. And passionate about what he writes. This endears me to him and always has. We don’t always see eye to eye but that’s another reason to appreciate this loud man. He stands for his beliefs and accepts that others are fine to stand for theirs, as well.

AdrienneJenkins.InSHAdrienne Jenkins

Oh, how I do adore my Adrienne. I “met” her when she first came to (a nameless place) looking for guidance on how to succeed there. She quickly surpassed me but kept coming back around and we’ve become dear friends. Adrienne is helpful, honest, friendly, and true. You can’t go wrong getting to know this sweet and sassy chick!

JNRDutton.InSHThe Artist J. N. R. Dutton

J.N.R Dutton is a fascinating fellow who resides in the Midwest US. I first landed upon his profile for artistic reasons – he’s quite talented and shares his digital art often. But he also writes personally about family and day to day activities that make for a nice break to catch up with him.

JanetHunt.InSHJanet Hunt

I’ve known Janet for years, having “met” her at another writing site, Y!CN. I don’t know her as well as some other writer peeps but I’ve always adored her style (she may be surprised to discover). Janet shares personally and informatively with a humor that makes me giggle stupid a LOT. She’s as real as they come and her lessons on life will keep you coming back for more.


Steven Cetta is incredibly cool. Not to discount the previous six but this guy is one I hadn’t known before coming to Persona Paper. A true good find. He writes about stuff that I often wonder about and has this way with words that just speaks to my head and heart. Plus he’s funny. I like that too. I don’t want to spoil anything for you here, but just know – he’s a must read; at least twice. No two posts are alike!


Ali intrigues me for several reasons, not the least of which, she used to be a cat – AliCat. I think. I can’t keep track. But that shouldn’t matter for you when you stop by to visit with her. Ali writes about many things, though certainly not a plethora; she has something for everyone. I adore her earnest way and genuine love for the words she displays upon the page.

And there you have it, my first eight Persona Paper Peeps, shared here – fun and informatively. I’m so fortunate to know these folks and so many more at Persona Paper. I can’t wait to bring you more of the brilliance that zings around that place.

If you have a favorite at PP that you’d like to see showcased here at Informed Sharing, let me know. I’ll be sharing 8 Peeps each week on the blog, to be posted to Your Top 8, where they’ll hang out with all our other fabulous top eight picks. Thank you for stopping by, always.

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn

Top Left Image Attribution – Persona Paper with Permission

Showcase Images Attribution – Pixabay – There’s a theme going on. Take a guess? 😉

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  1. I know most of the writers you showcased and I agree with you. They’re some of my favorite people and I enjoy seeing their names when I see that they’ve written something, because I know that what I’ll be reading is quality content.

    • Right back attcha, Theresa 😉 I just edited a post from 2011 that I’d done about you and your 8 blogs! You’re a powerhouse still today (I had to check links 😉 )

      I do love pimping fellow writers <3 Thanks for stopping by!

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