25 (over the top and…)Crazy Cool Christmas Lights Displays

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Tis the season for crazy cool Christmas lights displays and we’ve got them here. Growing up, we didn’t overdo any outside Christmas decorations at our house; just a couple of colored spotlights out front and our tree inside. But we did make a point of driving to the next town over, for this one house in particular…

How much was their electric bill for all those lights? It had to have been pretty steep, considering all the lights in and around their yard.

That question has rolled around in my head for far too long. But anyway, you’re here to see some crazy cool Christmas lights displays. Let’s do that.

Cool Christmas Lights

25 Crazy Cool Christmas Lights Displays

Yes. There is one car. I couldn’t resist. It’s crazy and cool and Christmas. Lights. On Display.


Tis the season, I said.


Sandra Lynn



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20 thoughts on “25 (over the top and…)Crazy Cool Christmas Lights Displays

  1. So neat, I love watching the shows on TV that show the best Christmas displays. It’s takes the home owners months to set up and take down their displays.

  2. Wow!!! Love to see houses all decorated for Christmas. I remember when my dad decorated our house when I was growing up, houses all decorated remind me of my dad.

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