Crafty is Merely One Word to Describe Her!

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I am not taking part in the A to Z Blogging Challenge for April 2011. Because this is a brand spanking new blog and my life has been one hot crazy mess for the last 6 weeks or so, I honestly did not want to commit to the challenge without knowing if I could actually make it all the way through (let’s just say I’m having some organizational issues and leave it at that).


I happen to know a few fabulous bloggers who ARE taking part in this A to Z Blogging Challenge; and as I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I am going to travel through April highlighting their challenge efforts and sharing some of their FANTABULISTIC style.

The first fabulous blogger on my highlight list?

Why it’s Marie Anne St. Jean, of course!

She blogs, she crochets (that’s only part of the crafty I mentioned in the title), she’s got a green thumb, she…well geesh. She’s just plain amazing, I say.

One of the things that most endears me to Marie Anne is that she is blunt. She tells you like it is whether you wish to hear it or not.

And I must be honest here when I say that this quality completely turned me off when I first signed up with Y!Contributor Network. I’ve never been reprimanded by this fiery woman but I’ve read through plenty of posts where she has let others know “what’s what” and “that’s the bottom line” and (truth be told) she scared me a bit – in the beginning.

My first contact with her, however, was quite lovely. And I’ve grown to respect her style and attitude and appreciate that when you ask for her help – or pick up a tip in passing – you will get the best,  no nonsense answer around. And that certainly works for me.

So WHY is Marie Anne St. Jean the first blogger I’m sharing with you?

Well, I heard it from her – about the A to Z Challenge, you see.

And so it’s only fitting that I share Marie Anne first.

Now, this busy lady has 4 different blogs that she tends to and I’m going to link all of them here for your enjoyment. She’ll be A to Z-ing this month among the four so make sure to bookmark the list to catch the entire alphabet.

  • Today’s letter is C and you may catch that entry at Write, Wrong or Indifferent
  • But don’t pass up Marie Anne’s Missives, where it’s all about Chicken (and Cauliflower??) Salad, Yummm!
  • And of course if you want to see some adorable little chicks, be sure to visit GallonGarden and get your fuzzy fill!
  • And then its back to the crafty thing with Every Day Crochet – today’s C? Crochet hooks, of course.

And for those of you who adore soft and comfy but haven’t got the time or the inclination to whip up something warm, visit Marie Anne’s Etsy store and peruse her many beautifully handmade items for sale. She also does custom orders too.

Now…I know I’ve given you a lot of links to click. But that’s the beauty of it! This woman is so multifaceted that there is a bit of something for everyone to enjoy.

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn

PS: if you’ll notice, I may or may not be following along with the A to Z Challenge, though I am not officially signed up for it. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post…I’ve got my D all lined up and ready to go!

It must be noted: Marie Anne also spent more than 2 decades serving our country as a United States Marine and that’s a fact. From what I can see, she has carried her dedication and honor through to civilian life and I am most proud to know this fellow writer and veteran.
My hat’s off to you, M.A.! Thank you sincerely for your service!

**Photo Attribution – Pixabay**



12 thoughts on “Crafty is Merely One Word to Describe Her!

  1. Haha, Tony. That’s what I was thinkin’, that I would just about make the 26 posts…but the pressure isn’t there and that helps (with everything else going on).

    Now, I have to get after to a bit for your further comment about full time job…

    This IS a full time job. Those who do DO it 24/7 (or some variation of all day n night) consider it that and it is hard work.

    So you are right, you probably couldn’t do both full time (jobs) but how lucky are we that we get to do what we love FULL time, woohoo.

    I’ll have to get back to you when I’m earning full time pay though… 😉 It’ll come, I’m dedicated 🙂

    Thanks for your comments 🙂

  2. Ironically I bet you end up making all 26 posts, just because you didn’t register. Life is like that.

    I don’t know how Marie Anne and some of the other writers does it, to write so much each and every day, but I guess it helps to not have a full time job too.

  3. What a beautiful post. I am a fan of Marie Anne’s. Like Marie Anne, my son is a U.S. Msrine. Like Marie Anne, I crochet. Like Marie Anne, I write for Yahoo! Content Network (Associated Content), and I love her direct honest approach. She has helped me numerous times. Great choice!

  4. LOL. Thanks all. And cookies. No one said there’d be cookies, Kim. Yummmm. Thank you for the links too, all. This month is going to be easy peasy with posts, YAY!!!!

  5. LOL, Marie Anne. It was meant to be lovely. But I’m honest too. I’m not “askeered” (no) more and more than appreciate the way you “git ‘er dun”. Thank YOU for being YOU!

  6. Thank you, Sylvia, and LOL. And thanks too, Lyn. You know how much I adore YOU, my friend. Bringin’ us all together like that. Yippee!

  7. San, I don’t even know what to say. Thank you for a lovely (I think? LOL) tribute.

    (And for those of you askeered of me, don’t be. It’s just who I am … read my writing blog post on the Letter B)

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