How To Crochet: Beautiful Baby Headbands (with flowers) FAST and Easy!

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Oh, how I enjoy to crochet, these days. And these beautiful baby headbands with flowers are no exception. Easy to make and seriously fast, you’ll have yourself some beautiful baby headbands in no time. This tutorial is possible because of a crocheting whiz over at YouTube. Her instructions for how to make these lovely little headbands are so simple that even I can do it.

And so I did. Now, I am sharing with you. YAY!

Beautiful Baby Headbands Crochet

The three headbands I am showing here were part of the baby gift I sent off to Lyn and Rich. (Baby Nova will be here by Tuesday at the latest, can’t wait to see her little face ♥) I made them in three sizes, so hopefully baby can wear them as she grows. The flowers I used were sent to me for review and they are perfect for attaching to these beautiful baby headbands. I’ll give you those steps after we watch Joanna work her magic so we all may learn.

(and yes, she gives sizes in inches so you may crochet these all the way up to pre-teen, with ease)

How To Crochet: Beautiful Baby Headbands – Fast and Easy!

I love the whole of these headbands, from the beginning to fancy scalloped edging to finish. Thank you, Joanna! 

Now. I can’t wait to dig in and begin making various bows, hearts, and flowers out of yarn. But for these three headbands, I used the fabulous flowers I was given for review. These are the perfect (over) size for making beautiful baby headbands. And so easy to attach, too.

You will need:

  • Flowers (colors of your choice)
  • Sewing needle
  • Thread
  • Scissors

Gather your supplies and determine what color and where you will place your bow. I chose to sew mine on the connection, so as to hide the seam. You will most likely want to do the same. Thread your needle and begin attaching flower to baby headband, working around the edges of the flower and into the headband itself. Keep it neat by turning over and back as you go around the flower. weave your thread through your stitches in back to secure the flower and tie off.

Crochet Beautiful Baby Headbands

And there you have it, beautiful baby headbands with flowers – in multiple sizes to fit girls of all ages.


Sandra Lynn



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