How To Crochet: This Beautiful Baby Sweater QUICK!

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Every time I crochet something new, I am stunned. And this beautiful baby sweater is no different. I am amazed that I could make something so darn cute and have it look good, too. I have so many folks at YouTube to thank for that, and again, this baby sweater is no different. Inspired by a crocheting YouTuber, it is so easy and quick to whip up this beauty that even I can do it.

And so can you.

baby sweater - quick easy

If you have the basic skills of crocheting down, you should find this baby sweater to be such a joy to make, quick and easy, and ready to gift. I gave this beauty to Lyn and Rich as part of their whole crocheted baby things I sent a bit ago. Nova Skye is here now, swooping in last week and in perfect style. She is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen.

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And I’m not just saying that. My kiddo was absolutely stunning when she arrived almost 14 years ago. So the bar is set pretty darn high. This baby, sweet little Nova, is simply beautiful. Really beautiful and not the kind where you tell the parents their kid is cute and then walk away, slightly concerned…um…

…anyway, I’m getting off track here. You want a beautiful baby sweater tutorial, not my mush about this lovely new addition to our world. Perhaps her parents will let me snatch some pics to show you. OR you can see their cute little bundle, here! In the mean time, let’s learn how to make this very easy crochet sweater from WoolyWondersCrochet at YouTube.

How to Crochet: This Beautiful Baby Sweater QUICK!

Visit WoolyWondersCrochet on YouTube

This tutorial is brilliant. Every single stitch will come together perfectly, if you follow what she teaches. And you can work up whatever colors you’d like to make this beautiful baby sweater.

Beautiful Baby Sweater - 2


She shares with you how to crochet the bigger sizes, too. It’s a hook change and very easy to do.

So if you are looking for a quick and easy AND beautiful baby sweater to make for the little one(s) in your life, you have found a great style.

Yep, just one style of baby sweater here, oh, I can’t wait to show you what I’m crocheting up, next. Stay tuned.

Until then, keep it real and take care of yourself, first: mind.body.spirit.


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