How To Crochet: This Beautiful Bathroom Rug

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I am so excited to show off our beautiful bathroom rug, made with my own little fingers. That’s the thing, right? I’m not all braggy every time I create something with crochet. I’m stunned, proud, seriously in love because I MADE something. It’s pretty crazy cool.

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And this rug is no different. I took a stitch I love and worked it into a beautiful bathroom rug that fits perfectly in our new bathroom and just looks like it was made for exactly that.

Our New Bathroom Rug!

Bathroom Rug

It was. It was made for exactly that. 🙂

But. If you must know. I didn’t measure anything exactly. I knew the pattern I wanted to do and thankfully, it worked out just so. I also can’t share that pattern here, as it is a numbers thing and I am protecting some innocents.

BUT. I will share with you how I learned this fabulous stitch – the seed stitch – watch below:

And tell you that you may make your own pattern to fit your needs.

bathroom rug

I did blocks of each color to arrive at my pattern destination. I also went around the edges with single crochet and double, and then finished the entire edging with a lovely shell stitch, which you can learn here:

And that’s it for this happily crocheted beautiful bathroom rug.

Oh, wait. There is one more thing. I had planned to sew a non-skid backing onto this bathroom rug, but instead found non-skid backing at Walmart that works AWEsomeLY.


Inexpensive and works so well. I was worried we’d have issues, especially stepping out of the shower. Nope. The non-skid backing is the best solution I’ve found. I can’t stand having to fix a rug every other minute. Not so with this combo.

Oh, and one last thing? I’m finishing up our kitchen rug, next. And of course, I’ll share when it’s finished. Here’s a peek:

kitchen rug


Sandra Lynn



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What’s your latest and greatest crochet project?



11 thoughts on “How To Crochet: This Beautiful Bathroom Rug

  1. Your bathroom rug is beautiful, what yarn did you use? I’ve been crocheting for almost 43 years and I love it, relaxes me.

    • It’s so crazy the number of things I have found to crochet. And it’s so zen for me. 🙂 You will love it. Next I want to try rope. They make all sorts of colors and I think it’d be a good door mat. 🙂

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