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How To Crochet: The Perfect Kitchen Rug – Easy as Pie, too!

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My “perfect” kitchen rug. I was already more than half-way done with the bath rug when I happened upon a crochet stitch from Mikey over at The Crochet Crowd that I just knew I wanted to use for our new kitchen rug. The bubble stitch. So pretty, seriously bubblicious, and simply perfect for stepping in front of the sink in our new little abode.

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kitchen rug

I had to have this in my kitchen. For my kitchen – the perfect rug. So I got out my favorite cotton yarn (you’ll see below that Mikey uses a different yarn, just as sweet, I’m sure) and began to stitch.

And stitch. And change colors. And stitch some more. You may note, if you watch Mikey’s tutorial all the way through, that my kitchen rug is quite a bit bigger than what this bubble bath mat pattern calls for.

Tis okay. Mikey said that I could make it as big as I wanted. (Of course, he was speaking directly to me.) So I did. I measured out the length I wanted and kept on stitching, working a beautiful pattern as I crocheted along.

You are probably anxious to learn the stitch for yourself.

Go on, here it is, here Mikey is, to walk you through it.

Super easy, not terribly time consuming, once you get the hang of it.

And then you just may have something like this.

kitchen rug

The perfect kitchen rug.

It really is. I am so in awe every. single. time. I create anything with crochet. It just blows my mind that my two hands can create anything so beautiful. And I am blessed to have the tools, too. Thank you always to my Momma for steering me toward YouTube. 

So go on, figure out where your next rug will go, and get to working it up. When you are finished, please come find me, I would love to see what you can crochet, too.


Sandra Lynn



Please note: once I finished with the double crochet all the way around this kitchen rug, I crocheted a V-stitch around that, as it will match the placemats I have planned. I learned the proper way to crochet the V-stitch from Mikey, too. Isn’t he the best?!!! 🙂 Find him and 2 others that make up my absolute Go-Tos for all things crochet on YouTube.

See everything I’ve created by crocheting, right here! And stay tuned: placemats, dish and hand towels, and wash cloths, coming soon!

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What will YOU crochet next?



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