D is for Donald…of course!

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Donald PenningtonDonald Duck.

Don Knotts.

Donald Trump?

No, no…no.

Donald Pennington, of course.

Don is the second person to have shared the news with me about the A to Z Challenge April, 2011 (though I’m pretty sure he got his information from Marie Anne).

And so I share a bit about Don Pennington with you today.

Now…ironically enough, he might just be equal parts of all those other Dons.

Donald is hysterically funny – go read any of his Persona Paper * posts and I guarantee he’ll have you in stitches. That’s the Don Knotts in him.

And he either has as much money as Donald Trump or as much real estate or I’m totally making this part up. I can’t remember and it makes no difference, really.

As for the duck?

Well, Donald Pennington is just plain ducky, you see.

As I mentioned, he’s funny, and he is also kind, smart, and a bit crazy (I think, though I’m using my crazy meter which might need adjusting).

He is also not afraid to speak his mind and this is probably my favorite quality about him. Whether it’s a serious (in which you still may find a laugh) article at PP or a radical picture on Facebook; Donald just tells you the truth, and I love the way he says it.

Oh, and yep. He blogs. AND he’s participating in the A to Z Challenge this month. You may find his musings by clicking on his name – Donald Pennington – and enjoy. He’s got some great helps for all kinds of things and you may just learn a thing or two.


And stay tuned for tomorrow when I get crazy with the letter E in my own little alphabet challenge.

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn

Please note: I did not sign up for the A to Z Challenge but am so proud of the more than 1000 who did. I’m dedicating every post this month to a different blog; some bloggers I already know and some I’ve yet to “meet”. A to Z…how fun AND fabulous!!!

*Persona Paper – updated 7.16.2014 to reflect a more current home for Don’s brilliance. Relevant and necessary only because the previous link was no longer valid.

Feature Image Attribution – Pixabay



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