Video: Dear President Obama – An Open Letter

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Dear President Obama

Please Note: The video below is LONG. I make no apologies, I tend to be wordy and often say what I mean and mean what I say, more than once. This message is meant for President Obama, but is also for all of us. For those of you who don’t wish to sit through the entire “letter”, you may fast forward to 12:35 and most likely feel like you didn’t miss a thing. You’re Welcome! 🙂

Getting to meet the President of the United States of America was a huge honor for my daughter and her friend, Grayson. If you missed the first part of this small series, you may find that post right here – Meeting President Obama… There is a lesson there, important enough that I hope it’s not lost amidst the excitement of their meeting one of the most influential men in the world. I’d like to think I kept it unpolitical; you let me know what you think, won’t you?

The following is my video “letter” to our President – Dear President Obama. A thank you letter of sorts, and an explanation of how it all happened – Maggie and Grayson getting to meet President Obama. It’s a pretty sweet story and one that these two girls will have for the rest of their lives. That in itself is worth the memory. Let’s have a watch, shall we…

Dear President Obama – An Open Letter

Now, I didn’t have to work too hard to keep politics out of it, as I said above; I’d like to think so, anyway. This was about education, life experience, and two young girls whose lives are forever changed by knowing now the importance of having a voice and speaking up – respectfully – when called to do so. Beyond the excitement of meeting President Obama, we (their parents) are thankful that Maggie and Grayson were given the opportunity to learn that through teamwork, perseverance, and trust (again, from us) they can do anything they set their minds to.

What an incredibly invaluable lesson for all of us.

~ Cheers

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