Dear “The Google Adsense Team”

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Dear “The Google Adsense Team”,

On Friday August 12, 2011, you emailed me to inform me that …hmmm wait, let me quote you directly…

“After reviewing our records, we’ve determined that your AdSense account
poses a risk of generating invalid activity.”

Not long after receiving this email, I (most ineloquently and with copious tears) sent an appeal. I answered your “form letter” questions and hit SEND.

Not long after THAT, I received a generated response from you, stating that you had received my appeal and that I should now expect to sit on pins and needles until you reviewed my account. I’m sorry, paraphrasing is NOT my strong suit.

On Tuesday, August 16, 2011, I received another email from you, stating that you were reviewing my account with the additional information I provided but that I shouldn’t get my hopes up because you couldn’t guarantee reinstatement – more paraphrasing, slightly. 

I replied (a bit more eloquently this time) with even more information and the hope that you would very plainly see that I had done nothing what. so. ever. wrong to warrant losing my Adsense account.

On Friday AUGUST 26, 2011 you replied and please, let me quote:

“Thank you for your appeal. We appreciate the additional information you’ve
provided, as well as your continued interest in the AdSense program.
However, after thoroughly re-reviewing your account data and taking your
feedback into consideration, our specialists have confirmed that we’re
unable to reinstate your AdSense account.”

Well doesn’t that just bite the big one?

At that point I was ANGRY. I had done a bit of research about Google Adsense reinstatement and did not hold much hope for getting my account back. NOT because I had done anything wrong, however. 

But because this is how Google Adsense tends to operate.

I had heard rumors throughout my year+ with Adsense…be careful, don’t click ads, don’t encourage others to click ads, don’t look cross eyed at your computer screen, don’t eat yellow snow…because you could…

…for NO F*&%king reason, have your Google Asense account disabled.

I didn’t believe the rumors. I certainly had  no intention of breaking TOS. And I never did. Not once. Not once did I click my own ad, encourage anyone else to, or provide content that was not considered appropriate for Google to place ads on.

Beyond that, Google Adsense stated (in their email of disablement) that my account had…what did they say???

Oh, yah.

…”poses a risk of invalid click activity…”

Not that it had invalid clicks, that it poses a risk.

What the H E double hockey sticks?

Not only did they disable my account for a completely idiotic reason, I now believe they did NOT take the time to review my account properly.

I actually read somewhere in my research of this that it was best to email and request a HUMAN review.


Here is what I believe:

  • The Google Adsense Team did not review my account carefully (as stated).
  • The Google Adsense Team is not entirely human.
  • Humans make mistakes AND SO DO COMPUTER PROGRAMS.

Here is the bottom line:

  • I did not knowingly break any of Google Adsense’s TOS.
  • I did not provide any content that would encourage invalid clicking of ads.
  • I am no longer part of the Google Adsense program.
  • A year’s worth of hard work, dedication to consistent quality, and following THEIR rules got me

It may surprise you to know that I’m not as upset/angry/thoroughly pissed off as I was on Friday morning after reading that they could not reinstate my account.

Because, to be quite honest…

I don’t wish to work with/for/through a company that has such a backwards way of handling their clients. Oh, I know, it’s Google, for cryin’ out loud. They have  no need to worry that I’M going to bring the Adsense program to a grinding halt and a re-evaluation of how it’s done, simply with one blog post, a couple of videos, and some major irritation.

And that’s okay. Carry on, Google Adsense.

I certainly plan to. I will continue blogging. I will continue making YouTube videos. And I will continue writing for Y!Contributor Network. I will not be returning to or to WebAnswers, however I don’t think they’ll crash ‘n’ burn without me either.

Today is a new day. One without Google Adsense in it. But don’t be sad, I’m not. I get to go on without fear that I made or may make in some future event, a mistake that will ruin everything.

According to their rules.

From now on, I’m just going to do it my way. (Which, oddly enough, still complies with THEIR way, geesh.)

~ Cheers
Sandra Lynn

Stay tuned, here and at YouTube, for all the latest about anything and everything. My goal has always been to provide a place (er…places) where people can get informed about whatever it is they need to know. I’m stickin’ to it, and I hope you stick around to learn a thing or two. As I always say: Time spent learning is never wasted time.

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I was so clueless back then about all of it. I’ve gained a lot of perspective in nearly three years. Recently I wrote a rather long essay about the whole thing and began parceling it out in chunks over at Persona Paper. You may begin reading that here! I’m nearly done doling it out there. Whew…what a story 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Dear “The Google Adsense Team”

  1. I too received the email. Its interesting that Google makes the majority of their money acting like A-holes, but turns around and makes free stuff like google maps. Its like they’re free stuff is suppose to be a smoke screen for the real company underneath.

    I say this because you are actually using blogspot (owned by Google) and Youtube (Owned by Google). Why not say, to hell with Google and go elsewhere? I also suggest installing Google Sharing plugin. This blocks google’s ability to track you. If everyone installed this, Google would crumbled. In summary, don’t get mad, get even. Unplug from google and start blocking their ability to track you. Good Luck to you, I see you found Infolinks :o)

  2. Ya know…I do believe they are “spring” cleaning at Google. Based upon what I’ve heard from various people, I think they are clearing up some stuff and changing things around. The trouble is, they threw out someone that wasn’t trash 🙁 How ironic for you that in the midst of your mal ware issue, that Google would (from a WHOLE OTHER area – gosh, Google must be huge) send you a note, happily welcoming you to Adsense. MESSED UP, much??? Geesh. I am glad you got things straightened around, Lee. We’ll all carry on, won’t we…till we don’t 🙂

    Cheers 🙂

  3. For me the irony is that yesterday when I was having my own Google issues, I received–after nearly 2 years–an email from Google Adsense Support stating that my request was being considered for approval. I was thinking that I about to lose my blog, but at least now I would have Adsense.

    Sorry for your hassles with this.

    Tossing It Out

  4. Thanks, my friend. I didn’t know it was rampant. Yikes. Now I don’t feel so alone. Still irritated because I didn’t do a darn thing wrong but that is fading too. I do have potential elsewhere, so we’ll see. Nice to see you, Hilary and Happy Days for you too 🙂

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