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Do What You CanIt’s funny. I had this post planned – the title, anyway – and then life happened. You know, that old saying, “…life happens when you are busy making plans…” (John Lennon). Do what you can…whenever, wherever, however – fits in perfectly today because that’s exactly what I’m doing.

The flu has struck our house and we’ve managed to save one of us so far (he’s escaped to work) but Mags and I are down for the count; at least for today. Coupled with a rise in pain level for me (my chronic condition) and we are just one hot mess.

So we are doing what we can, when, where, and how. Period.

Originally, however, I meant that statement to wrap up our September Month of Giving here at Informed Sharing. It’s important for the story that you know how proud I am of each and every person who was able to contribute in any way to our four families this month.

Whether you gave of your time by donating money, sharing these Go Fund Me campaigns directly, offering freelance work, or otherwise getting involved with any of these worthy causes you were doing what you could – where, when, and how.


And that is all any of us should do on a daily basis.

It is not without effort that we wake up each day and go about our tasks. I know it seems routine and after a time, it becomes so. But it does take a certain amount of energy to complete each day and do it to the best of our ability.

No matter what arises.

That we can lay our head(s) down at night and say with confidence and contentment: Today I did what I could – wherever, whenever, however. That is a good day.

For me, for us, for those families – this month – we did darn do that. All of us.

Thank You Sincerely

Sandra Lynn Writes @ Informed Sharing



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Please Note: I had originally planned to announce what our donation will be with my first post tomorrow but I won’t be able to do that unless my “one lucky subscriber” is also up at some ridiculous hour when I go to write it.

So, I will fill you in on what’s coming in October for Informed Sharing first and then in the afternoon tomorrow, we’ll talk donations and prezzies. In the mean time, back to resting and taking care of mah baby grl (yes, it is rare for me to text speak – that’s a San-ism; know the difference!).

How do you do what you can – wherever, whenever, however? In your day-to-day and above and beyond…



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