Don’t Hunch Your Shoulders to the Past – Life Lesson #53

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Don’t hunch your shoulders to the past. I hope I’m quoting her correctly; it’s been quite some time since I read it and…

Perhaps I should explain.

Don't Hunch Your Shoulders to the Past

I first heard this life lesson while reading an article in Reader’s Digest (back when we still did that sort of thing, you know…) a long time ago. Marlo Thomas was being interviewed and she was discussing her dad, Danny Thomas. I believe the question asked was something to do with what was one thing he had taught her…

Don’t hunch your shoulders to the past.


I’ve tried to adhere to this since learning of it. As with all life lessons, it’s not always easy; but it does make good sense.

Don’t hunch your shoulders to the past.

I can’t remember now, exactly what Ms. Thomas was quoted as saying in regard to this, but I do recall what I took from it and what I’ve carried all these years.

Don’t hunch your shoulders to the past. Don’t let the past weigh you down in your present or cause you not to move forward into a better future. You may certainly use the past to learn from, grow from, benefit from – good and bad.

But don’t hunch your shoulders to the past.

You can’t live there. In the past. Each moment in your life is just that. A piece to take with you that will encourage you in your present and into your future, based upon what you’ve learned. In. That. Moment.

Don’t hunch your shoulders to the past. Rather, use it. Stand up tall. Accept what once was. And be the good, better, best you from it. Here now and going forward into your future. There is just no reason not to.

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn



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It’s a fine line between using what you’ve learned from your past experience to make your future better and wallowing in the past to remain stagnant. Often we don’t even realize we’re doing it. How have you broken free from (whatever) and better yet…used it to make your future brighter?



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