No More Wires Crossed with Dual Cable Clips +BONUS USES

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If you are anything like me, you’d rather keep it neat when it comes to your cables and wires. You know – all those computer wires, TV, DVD player, Wii, Xbox,VCR…

Does anyone still have one of those???

Anyway. When it comes to down to it, we want NO MORE crossed wires; and with Dual Cable Clips from Anthro Desk, our struggle is over.

Have you seen what else Anthro Desk has going on? Sitting, standing and a whole more, check ’em out now!

Dual Cable Clips

Recently, Mags and I began the horrific task of reorganizing her room. This was born out of a morning visit wherein Mommy (that’d be me) decided that enough was ENOUGH and the kiddo was no longer going to live in slovenly heaven. So on that morning, Mags left for school and I set about gathering every darn item in her room into the middle of it for later perusal, while at the same time rearranging some of her pieces of furniture for better functionality.

(there will be entire series about this #MagsRoomChallenge2015 in June – with pics – stay tuned)

One thing I did was to switch her dresser and “entertainment center” to opposite walls. Each works better this way and especially because in the old spot, the cords for her TV, DVD player, etc. were all OVER the place. It was horribly messy at best and downright hazardous, too.

As you can see, here…

Dual Cable Clips

It’s really not too disorganized in the new space.


I don’t want it to get out of hand again.


We aren’t done. Or rather she’s not done (it’s a process that I’ll explain in future posts) putting her room back together and there will be more cords added to that station.

Enter Dual Cable Clips. These things work great. Made from silicon, they stretch to fit the thicker cords and can also take more than one of the thinner cords on one side. They also have a great sticky backing from 3M for a FAB long-lasting hold that adheres to most any surface and will keep your cords neat and in one place for as long as you need them.

I love the organizational aspect of the dual cable clips for all your crossed wires.

But let’s get a little more creative with them.

4 BONUS USES for Dual Cable Clips

  • As pen holders at your desk
  • As lip gloss/eyeliner/mascara holders at your makeup table
  • As thread/yarn holders/separaters for multiple projects
  • As part of your hanging decoration for (whatever)

(keep in mind the thickness/circumference of items placed inside the dual cable clips)

I am certainly on the lower end of the crafty spectrum but I bet many of my more talented friends could come up with some strange and unusual ways to have great fun with these dual cable clips – besides having no more crossed wires.

In the mean time, I’m in the middle of some serious supervising on the kiddo’s room (oh, I can’t WAIT to show you all the finished…oh, I can’t WAIT to see it, myself). And I’m thrilled that we’re not all tangled up in wires over here anymore, thanks to our cute little dual cable clips from those fine folks at

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn



#MagsRoomChallenge2015 – my postings so far on Facebook.

Post 1: Hell hath no fury…

Post 2: My mom didn’t set one foot in my room for FOUR YEARS…

Post 3: Public shaming, I have no guilt…

Post 4: Parental support ABOUNDS, thank you kindly…

Post 5: Can’t use stuff from the pile. This. Just. Got. Real.

…again, we’ll be continuing this “saga” to its FAB conclusion, in June – stay tuned! So many #LifeLessons here.

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And how would you use YOUR Dual Cable Clips? Let’s get CREATIVE!



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