How to Crochet: Ear Muff, Scarf, Fingerless Gloves Set!

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Occasionally, I crochet something(s) just for me. I’m not selfish about it. And I’ve created several lovely items for our home. But this one (set) was just for me. Ear muff for keeping my ears toasty on my early morning walks, a scarf for extra warmth, and fingerless gloves so I can still access my phone (timer and FitBit) while out and about. I also love learning new stitches and while this one is just a variation of the double crochet stitch, it works up fabulously and makes for nice and thick but not too bulky.

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I happened upon this – half double crochet in the back loop – by digging in for something sweet, at YouTube. I can’t find the video for it, now. BUT. There are plenty of video tutorials there that will guide you easily along to figuring out this adorable crochet stitch. By going into the back loop, you create a wicked cool ridge and from there, can make so many things. And once you master this stitch, you will be able to create with endless possibilities.

Crochet ear muff, scarf, fingerless gloves

Which is how I ended up with my ear muff. It began as a scarf, following the directions from the video. As I worked it up, I was playing around and noted that it was (at that point) the perfect size for a muff. I quickly connected the two ends and it was done (after weaving ends, of course). Not only did I have a nice wide ear muff, for extra warmth I can roll it (in half) and it’s more of a super chunky headband that keeps my ears from freezing right off.

Here is how I worked up the ear muff.

What you need:

  • 2 medium weight (4) yarns
  • Size 8 (L) crochet hook
  • Scissors
  • Darning needle.

Ch 18

Half double crochet across.

Ch 1, turn.

Half double crochet in the back (3rd) loop only, across.

Complete as many rows and you need (circumference of your head). My ear muff is 32 rows. I probably should have made it 28 for extra snuggness. (I just made that word up. I think. LOL.) But I am happy with the fit and as I said, you can have it wider on your head or roll it in half and wear it in more of a head band style. Either way, your ears will thank you.

Connect the two ends (YOU MUST crochet an even number of rows for the pattern to work out right) by stitching across and in the back loop to form your (seamless) seam.

Tie off and weave in your ends.

By using two yarns, you are creating a unique pattern and making your crochet creation a little bulky without being too cumbersome to wear on your head. For this project, I used a grey sparkly yarn (Vanna White brand) and a plain black (Red Heart). I love the little bit of bling that the sparkle adds, and the bulk of all three pieces is perfect for me.

The scarf

You need all the above. 

Ch 18 (You can chain less or more, depending on how wide you want your scarf. I like the width with 17 stitches, but you may find wider or more narrow is better for you.)

Half double crochet across.

Ch 1, turn.

Continue with half double crochet in the back (3rd) loop only.

Complete as many rows as you would like for your scarf.

My crochet scarf is approximately 68 inches long. I like it a little longer so that I can double it up and fit the end through the loop for extra warmth around my neck.

Make sure to tie off your ends and weave them in.

The fingerless gloves

I relied on the fabulous crochet pattern I found for these, a few weeks ago. Because I changed some things around (larger hook, two strands of yarn…) I had to alter my pattern for these.

Please see:  How to crochet quick and easy fingerless gloves. 

You may find the complete pattern above, written and video.

But here is how I altered it for this set of crochet fingerless gloves:

Ch 12

SC the row.

Ch 1, turn.

SC into the back loop only (to create that ridge) across the row.

Continue for your desired length (mine is 14 rows).

To finish, follow along the directions here. For this glove, given my alterations, I crocheted 7 rows, formed the thumb hole (with 6 stitches, instead of 4), finished with 3 rows (sc) and added my scalloped edging to finish.

And that’s it. A complete cold weather set for all my working out/early morning walking needs. And it all crocheted up so quick and easy. I was able to finish this whole set in just a few hours (while bingeing something yummy on the Netflix).

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So. Quick and easy, several fun and fabulous crochet stitches, and you’ve got yourself a warm and wonderful set of handmade goodness all for you. Or as a gift. It’s up to you to spoil others with your hard working crochet fingers, and hope that they appreciate every ounce of love they get, along with added warmth. 🙂


Sandra Lynn



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