Easy Eyebrow Wax (with pics) – at home with Sally Hansen!

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Recently, I had the opportunity to wax some eyebrows that had never been done before. Oh goodness, if you’ve ever gotten a hold of virgin eyebrows, you KNOW my excitement. Or not. I guess it depends on what excites you. ANYway. Fresh eyebrows. For the plucking. Or waxing, first. ACCK. I should start over. Today I am going to share with you an easy eyebrow wax – at home with Sally Hansen. This isn’t a review of Sally Hansen, exactly. Though I have used their waxing product exclusively for years and love it; I am here to share the easy eyebrow wax. Let’s begin.

This easy eyebrow wax, done at home using Sally Hansen, was fun and fabulous! I hope these tips and tricks may help you have beautiful brows, too. :) Easy Eyebrow Wax

Before we get started, I’m going to throw this one teeny tiny ‘lil’ disclaimer out there.

I offer the following as a guideline for anyone who wishes to try an easy eyebrow wax at home. I use Sally Hansen, thus that is what you see here. I was not endorsed for this post by them. I simply love the product. Paid or not, my opinions are my own and the facts within are based upon user trial and error. I do not encourage anyone to attempt the following if for any reason you believe you are unable to do so.

In other words? DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME just because I said so, here. 🙂

Okay, now that we have that legal stuff out of the way, let’s wax on…

Here’s where we began, the before:

Easy Eyebrow Wax - the before. Fresh brows, ready for the plucking! But let's wax 'em first!You will note throughout that I kept the images pretty tightly trained on the model’s eye area. Though this isn’t her first time on the blog, I am simply keeping the focus on what’s important – the easy eyebrow wax!

Easy Eyebrow Wax – at home with Sally Hansen®

Step One:

Easy Eyebrow Wax - Step OneFind a willing participant for your easy eyebrow wax. For this wax, I was fortunate to have fresh brows to work with. And I’ve been waxing my own brows for years, so I wasn’t nervous to jump right in and wax that hair off. I do recommend making sure that whomever you are waxing, is willing AND able to handle the procedure. Whatever wax product you use – do your homework before attempting it. My willing guest has great brows and a great attitude when it comes to enduring a little quick discomfort for the end result!

Step Two:

Easy Eyebrow Wax - Step TwoUsing the right waxing product is so important. I began with Sally Hansen all those many years ago and have never tried (that I can recall) anything else – unless I am having my brows professionally done, of course. That’s always a nice treat and we’ll talk more about that at the end.

But I chose Sally Hansen for a couple good reasons:

  • Brand Name Recognition (as a hairstylist, I was confident in their other products to trust that this would be a good one to try)
  • Variety of Hair Removal Products by Sally Hansen (I tried a few and finally happily settled on the strips as my go-to waxing product. I also use their hair removal cream on some folks and have had good results; however, I’ve only used the cream for the past year or so.)

Just be sure you (once again) do your homework to choose the waxing product that works for you! And feel free to ask me questions down below or email me directly for further information about my personal experience with Sally Hansen.

What you’ll need for this easy eyebrow wax:

  • Comfortable Waxing Station (I place big pillows on our sturdy coffee table and then sit on a stool behind the wax-ee’s head)
  • Wax (we are using Sally Hansen® Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit)
  • Tweezers (I’ve had mine for years, too. LOVE my awesome little LaCross® tweezers)
  • Eyebrow Scissors (I don’t use these on the eyebrows but to cut the wax in a perfect curve for the brow)
  • Mirror (for the participant OR yourself for close up viewing throughout)
  • Towels (under the head, one hand towel for ice water application)
  • Cotton wipes (for oil application)

Step Three:

Easy Eyebrow Wax - Step ThreeWarming the wax!

Once you’ve got your waxing friend comfortably set and ready to go, you’ll want to do a few things before actually warming the wax.

  • Smooth brows (with fingers is fine; or use a small comb if desired)
  • Find the right size wax strip. Depending on the wax strip kit box you buy, you may have strips of all sizes; be sure to choose a smaller size so not to waste any wax.
  • Cut to perfect curved size for your (or her/his/whomever) brow. You will note how easy it is to measure with the strips, just place the strip up to your brow and gauge where and how you’d like your curve to go. For easier measurement and more even brows, use a marker to draw a line where you’ll make the cut in the wax strip.
  • Make the cut. Double check (if you are new to this) that they measure up by placing the strips (top and bottom) above and below your eyebrows. Show your waxing friend if needed for further confirmation.
  • Warm the wax! Place strip between your hands and rub vigorously back and forth to create friction. Continue until you feel the wax begin to warm between your fingers.

Step(s) Four and Five:

Easy Eyebrow Wax - Step Four

Easy Eyebrow Wax - Step FiveAfter warming the wax, quickly and carefully peel the two sides apart, placing one piece to the side for a moment. Take the other and lay it directly on the lid where you wish to wax. Make sure you place the strip only where you want to remove hair. Though I have removed myself from any responsibility for you trying this easy eyebrow wax at home, I would not like to hear that you lost a whole brow from it. Yikes.

If you are waxing another person, you may go ahead and place the other strip on the opposite eyebrow. Be sure to smooth each strip over the lid in the direction the hair grows. Do so gently but firmly (this will serve to warm the wax further).

Wait a few seconds (I don’t count, literally; however, I don’t leave them on for more than 10-20 seconds MAX) and then gently but firmly and quickly pull wax strip off the lid in the opposite direction the hair grows.

Additional tips:

  • Be sure to pull quickly, gently, firmly!
  • Pull close and across to lid, rather than up and out.
  • Press lid with finger (gently) after removing strip. This soft pressure helps relieve any temporary pain caused.

*YES. It stings a little. I think. I’ve been doing it for so long that I barely notice any more. And I wax my entire face (more on that at the end).

Step Six:

Easy Eyebrow Wax - Step SixRepeat the above by placing the two top strips (cut from your bottoms, used on the lids) above the eyebrows to remove the hair there. You will once again want to be careful where and how you place this strip, being especially mindful not to get any head hair caught up in the wax above the brow.

After placing each strip, follow all directions used in step(s) four/five, using the additional tips for added comfort throughout.

As you can see from the following three images, I used both top strips at the same time (after warming them, of course); then removed each – LOOK AT THAT BEAUTIFUL EYEBROW (YES, I’m yelling; it’s a gorgeous brow 🙂 ); and finally, you can see the hair we removed, right there on the the used wax strip. No apologies if you are squeamish – it’s hair! Plus, you’ll be seeing the same thing if you try this easy eyebrow wax at home with Sally Hansen®.

Easy Eyebrow Wax - Waxing the Top BrowEasy Eyebrow Wax - Look at that perfect brow!Easy Eyebrow Wax - Seeing the hair removed!









Step Seven:

Easy Eyebrow  Wax - Step 7Easy Eyebrow Wax After both brows are waxed, it’s time to calm the skin surrounding that whole area.

And yes, I did wax between her eyes, too. Just a thin strip of wax right between the brows, placed and smoothed in the direction of her nose, removed quickly and firmly in the direction of her forehead, remembering to pull skin taut*.

Now it’s time to use the oil provided (with Sally Hansen® Hair Remover Wax Strips) to gently calm the skin.

Uncap the bottle and pour a reasonable amount into a cotton ball or onto a gauze/cotton pad, then gently pat onto skin around brow.

Be careful not to get any in the eye. Just makes good sense with this or most anything, right?!!

This oil is great and I love the way it feels after waxing my own hair from my face; however I’m careful not to use too much and advise the same for you. After patting it in with the cotton, I typically give a little fingertip massage to the areas needed.

Around the eye area, be sure to always move up and out so to avoid causing unwanted wrinkles, massaging gently. This also helps you to see whatever little stragglers the wax may have missed. We’ll be tackling those, next.

Step Eight:

Easy Eyebrow Wax - Step EightAfter you’ve given yourself OR your willing waxing friend a lovely little oil massage, it’s time for a little more eyebrow work. Just to make sure you’ve gotten all the hair you wanted to remove, let’s tweeze.

I cannot STRESS ENOUGH the importance of having a good pair of tweezers. I mentioned above that I’ve owned these for years. I’ve also had plenty of others; still have a few backups and travel tweezers, too. But these LaCross® tweezers are my favorites.

Why? I’m not sure, really. They weren’t particularly expensive, they aren’t the fanciest, they just WORK FOR ME. And it really does matter. So don’t panic if you have trouble finding your favorite pair of tweezers – it may not happen until you’ve tried a pair or three…

Tweezers in hand, begin the task of removing any little stragglers from around the eyebrow area. If you’ve done this more than twice, you may not have a lot of tweezing to do – unless you are reshaping, of course.

For this wax, I nailed it pretty well with the removal and only had to smooth out a few hairs top and bottom for each brow. I also didn’t go super crazy creating an arch for my friend here. As we continue waxing her (Oh My Gosh, YES, this is an ongoing thing – I’ll talk about that, TOO, at the end), I’ll begin defining her arch a bit more. This first wax was all about achieving a nice clean curve and we have done that, here.

Tweezing Tips to Try:

  • Pull skin taut when tweezing (as you have done when removing the wax, above).
  • Remove hair in the direction it grows
  • Remove hair quickly, firmly, and close to the skin (rather than up and out).
  • Tweeze/Press/Repeat (pressing a finger gently to tweezed section helps relieve temporary discomfort, as with the waxing).

Step Nine (optional):

Easy Eyebrow Wax - Step Nine (optional)We are almost done with this easy eyebrow wax at home with Sally Hansen and step nine is absolutely optional. I don’t do it every time that I wax my own face but I do recommend it if you are a first time user or are waxing another who has never been waxed before.

Please remember my teeny tiny ‘lil’ disclaimer from above, however. Just because this is what I DO, doesn’t mean you have to – just sayin’… this just makes sense and I’ve found it works well, too.

After you have waxed and oiled and tweezed (in that order), you have gotten those brows (and surrounding skin) all fired up – let’s cool it off with a little ice water.

I place two or three cubes in a cup at the beginning of the wax and by the time I’m ready for it, there is enough liquid to dab with a soft cloth and place upon the eyebrow area. Gently pressing this cool, soft cloth for a few minutes to the freshly waxed brows will help close those pores and cool the skin around them.

Plus, it’s just some good old fashioned pampering. As I said, you don’t have to do it. But it feels good AND it helps cool your skin. You may note some redness after waxing; this is normal and may be reduced by using the ice water on soft cloth.

**Everyone’s skin is different. I have discovered several different “reactions” when using this product on different folks. NO ONE has ever had a long term issue from receiving a wax at home with Sally Hansen®, from me. Again, you are on your own from here…

And here’s how we ended up, the after:

Easy Eyebrow Wax - the after!As you can see, my waxing friend did have some redness, minimized by the ice water soft cloth and completely gone with the hour of having her eyebrows waxed. And just LOOK AT THOSE EYEBROWS!

Yep. I’m proud of ’em. I love tackling a brand new pair of brows. And I can’t wait to continue building her beautiful eyebrows. We won’t be doing much more than a little arch work and then it will be easy maintenance from here on out.

♥ Yes. Waxing your eyebrows is an ongoing thing. Depending on how fast your hair grows, you may have to maintain every 4-8 weeks (my experience with Sally Hansen®).

♥ I also recommend having them shaped by a professional every now and then (once or twice a year). I am a professional (or was – licensed) and so I consider it a treat to myself when I go in to have them done. I’ve been doing my own eyebrow waxing for 20+ years, though, so…now a days, whether I’m waxing me or a friend, I use what I have learned and am careful to follow the directions and with respect to the individual.

♥ And YES. I wax my entire face. I am Italian (mostly) and hairy. Seriously. I probably could do without removing the peach fuzz on my cheeks (my esthetician friend always shakes her head about that but indulges me…); the rest is beyond ridiculous and without the wax would be a grizzly man beard (probably).

I know. Gross.

So I wax it all off. I just did this yesterday and am enjoying a smooth face – including my eyebrows – today and for the next several weeks. YAY!

And there you have it. Easy eyebrow wax at home with Sally Hansen®. Special Thanks to my willing waxing participant. And for all the fun we had that day (she was just one of 3 who got waxed). I can’t wait to beautify ya face again, Sweets ♥! You ROCK for letting me do it and your eyebrows are STUNNING ♥!

Alrighty, who’s next?

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn



thankful for HerAll images shot by MJMH. Fabulously edited using PicMonkey: crazy-awesome photo editing!

Again, use your noggin about this. Waxing at home is up to the individual. Be smart, do your homework, and decide what is best for you. If you have any questions about waxing in general or Sally Hansen® Hair Remover Wax Strips specifically, don’t hesitate to be in touch – down below or by email. Let’s learn together and then #PassItOn

For more HAIR-raising adventures by San, be sure to check out Hair It Is (pages 1-3) for vids and posts all about that hair and beauty stuff, too!

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  1. I love this. My eyebrows are very light. I had them professionally shaped once, but I honestly didn’t see any difference. When I see a few stragglers I get my tweezers and go to town.

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