Eight Fun Facts About the Number 8

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Lucky Favorite Number 8Eight is my lucky number. I don’t recall exactly how the number 8 came to be my lucky (favorite) number – it just is. Whether I am paying attention to it or not, things seem to happen in eights for me. And I can make just about anything make sense involving the number 8. I don’t believe I’m obsessed with it but I do certainly love the number 8.

And it appears I am not the only one with a fondness for this bubbly number. In researching for this article I came upon many websites that tout the importance of the number 8 for various reasons – the Bible, the Koran, numerologists, the Chinese, the Greeks – all have fabulous ideas about the meaning of this lovely number.

Today I am going to share with you eight fun facts about the number 8 and also give you eight great reasons why I love this number. You may not have ever given the number 8 more than a passing thought; but you should know the number 8 is very special indeed.

Eight Fun Facts about the Number 8:

  • 8 – up straight, 8 is a beautiful number; lay it down and it means infinity (in mathematics and in life)
  • 8 – In China the number 8 is believed to express the totality of the universe.
  • 8 – The number 8 is often associated with wealth and prosperity.
  • 8 – The number 8 is the largest cube in the Fibonacci Sequence (please visit mathworld.com for more information about this as math is not my strong suit).
  • 8 – In Karate and Kungfu there are said to be 8 virtues: Respect, honesty, courage, integrity, humility, compassion, patience, and peacefulness.
  • 8 – In the year 8 AD the altar to peace (Ara Pacis) was erected by Augustus.
  • 8 – The number 8 is used 73 times in the Bible; the numbers 29, 42, 4500, 22,000, and 40,000 are used eight times in the Bible.
  • 8 – According to Buddhist beliefs, there are 8 parts on the path to nirvana: faith, the right judgment, the right language, right and pure action, right profession, applying the spirit to all laws, the right memory, and the right meditation.

(For more information about the lovely number 8, please visit ridingthebeast.com and virtuescience.com. As much as I love this bubbly number, I am certainly no expert; but these fine folks appear to know quite a bit about the wonder that is the number 8.)

Before I began researching for this article I knew only one of the above fun facts about the number 8 – that it means infinity. This happens to be one of my favorite things about this number but I am going to give you eight more reasons why I simply adore the number 8.

Eight Reasons Why I Love the Number 8:

  • 8 – Its bubbly, like me (mind, body, and spirit)
  • 8 – I got to choose my daughter’s birth day and of course I chose 24 (because 2 times 4 is…oh, you get it)
  • 8 – My birthday has an 8 in it (and yes, I simply ignore the other number; it’s the 8 that matters)
  • 8 – January 8th is Elvis’ birthday. It’s also the day we found out my dad only had 8 weeks to live. Not a great aspect of the number but I believe this has more to do with my deep connection to my dad.
  • 8 – I can make almost anything make sense with the number 8. I mentioned this talent above; and to be honest, often times my logic makes no sense at all but if there’s an eight involved then its certainly not illogical.
  • 8 – I have 8 siblings on my biological (father’s) side and I have yet to meet any of them face to face.
  • 8 – My daughter will be eight this next year and even she knows that mommy is going to go crazy with the birthday plans – I just can’t help myself, and she knows that too.
  • 8 – This article is my 88th piece published on Associated Content from Yahoo. And yes I planned it that way. Thank you AC for giving me such a fabulous platform with which to share my voice.

And that’s it. Oh, I could probably give you 88 more reasons why I love this number. But I won’t. Maybe you are just a bit (over) done with this lovely number 8. However, I won’t apologize for any annoyance this 88th article may have caused. It was fun to write and now you know a bit more about why I love the number 8. Time spent learning is never wasted time!



Personal Experience – eight is great!



Please Note: I do not know much about numerology and/or symbolism in general. During the research part of this article I was amazed by just how awesome the number 8 is for many people, cultures, and creeds. I still don’t believe I am obsessed with this lovely number; but eight is great – wouldn’t you agree?

Please also note: The word eight and the number 8 were used 71 (7 + 1 = 8) times in the writing of this article. Yes, I counted. So you wouldn’t have to. Enjoy!

Update July 2014: this article first appeared at Associated Content 11.10.10 – Now known as Y!CN. With the closing of Y!CN, I brought this Fun Facts about 8s piece here to Informed Sharing, as it is one of my all time favorite articles ever to have written. In March 2013, I posted a portion of it to Bubblews and that can be found here if you have a desire to see it there. Rest assured, however – you are viewing the article in its entirety, right here at Informed Sharing. I’ll be bringing more of my Y!CN articles to you in the coming months, as I sort through them and decide how best to present them.

Special thanks to Lyn Lomasi for requesting this one be brought out today. 🙂 Check out just how the number 8 rules her world right here! She and I both do love those squishy, sexy eights!

Please read here about how the number 8 played such a key role for Gary’s and my Wedding Day!

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