Fathers: The Household Heroes – 6 Ways to Say Thank You

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No family is complete without a father. It is a common opinion that mothers are to have the most impact on the children’s life since they spend the most time with them. However, we forget that the role of a father is also important. A child needs the attention of both parents and both roles complement the actions of each other.

Every year, on the third Sunday of June, the world celebrates Father’s Day. It is a day where we can honor the role of a father. Thousands around the world take to celebrating this day to express their respect and love for their dads. To say thank you for all they do!

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Importance of Dads

The father is basically the first male presence in a child’s life. They will grow up watching his actions and behaviors. Children, especially daughters, set the standards of any male behavior against what they have seen their fathers do all their life.  Fathers greatly influence the behavior, actions and personality of their children. Family oriented studies have revealed surprising facts about relationships with fathers. Girls with good relationships with their dads are known to excel in Mathematics. Boys close to their dads will grow up to have a better sense of self.

6 Ways to Thank Your Dad this Father’s Day

There are so many creative ways through which you can make this year’s father’s day a cherishing memory for yourself and your dad.

What Your Dad Likes

Take some time and make a list of activities your father enjoys. Many fathers are sports fans; maybe you can take him to a game or play with him.

Greetings and Gifts

Buy your father an expressive card. You can make one yourself if you are creative enough. Complement the greeting card with a small and elegant gift. Popular gifts for father’s day include a tie or watch. Many stores offer discounts as the day comes nearer.

Letting Him Relax

If you can’t afford to do anything extravagant, then maybe give your father a day off. Take some responsibility off his shoulders. Do his chores while he can take some well-needed rest.

Involve the Family

Fathers are responsible for taking care of the whole family. Involve everyone in your father’s day plans so that he can feel cherished and loved by the entire family.

Cherish Old Memories

Sit with him and talk about his youth and childhood. Make him feel that you enjoy listening to him. Perhaps, enjoy some old photos of the family.

Spend Some Quality Time

Life has become really busy and chaotic. We hardly get enough time with family. There is no better chance than this day to bond with your dad.  Sit and talk to your father. Express your love through words and caring gestures.

Parents spend a major part of their life caring for children and trying to be role models for them. We can never pay them off for their efforts but we can express a little love celebrating these days with them.


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