No February Giveaways

No February Giveaways? BUT… $1000 in March?

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Let’s just rip the bandaid right off and confirm the title. There are no February giveaways going on at any of our sites. But…

…of course there’s a but. There has to be. And I’m going to tell you what it is while also giving you a cool chance to win $1000 in March.

No February Giveaways

So why are there no February giveaways going on?

There are several reasons for that, in no particular order. Firstly (if we’re numbering them…), I’m going to be out of town for a couple of weeks this short February month. Secondly, I need a regrouping of some things (like making sure I can afford to keep giving away in the coming months). And thirdly, I am still trying to get my footing under me, and the build out for CAD ( hasn’t even begun, yet.

So firstly? Two unexpected but much needed (and wanted) trips happening, more on that, later on.

Secondly, I love sharing the moolah with all of you. But it can be expensive. I’m being honest. I handle all that on my own and if the number of folks entering isn’t high enough, I’m robbing Peter to pay Paul. It’s not the smartest business model. But it doesn’t mean I will stop giving away. I just need to make sure I can continue. Taking a breath, so to speak. And you can help me out, here. With an awesome chance to win $1000 in March. More on that, later on.

Thirdly. I really really REALLY want to build out CAD the way I see it in my head. Only I haven’t had a chance to begin implementing all that good stuff. And it’s stressing me out. BIG.

That, I won’t be elaborating on, further, I’m simply going to get it done.

What about March Giveaways?

But I have an idea for how we ALL come out winners for our March giveaways. I want to give away $1000 in March. I think I can do that. With your help.

While there aren’t any February giveaways going on here, at 6 Miles Daily, The Gluten-Free Foodsmith, or our soon-to-debut Crochet a Day, we want to rock it out in March with just one giveaway with one winner for $1000.

How can you help?

Easy Peasy. Share the heck out of this post.

Just share.

And share. And share some more.

If we get 1 million shares for this post right here, I’ll run a March giveaway worth $1000.

If we break the bank and go super viral – doubling that million and making it two –  I’ll donate another $1000 to your favorite charity (back/fact checked), too. (We’ll run a cool poll later in the month to make our charitable choice, if it looks like matching our $1000 giveaway prize is viable.)

1 million shares. This post. This month. Told ya it was easy.

So. No February giveaways. BUT…

…plenty to look forward to in March.

The contingency plan if we don’t have 1 million shares of this post?

I’ll figure out something, I know. But I’d much rather blow it out big to bring in the Spring.

Who’s with me? No February giveaways. One BIG giveaway in March. If we get 1 million shares of this post. 2 million and we’ll spread more love around to the charity of your choice*.

Let’s git ‘er dun.


Sandra Lynn



I will be posting the January WINNERS post this coming Friday (**UPDATE: I have released the winners on the giveaways and you can find their names by going to the individual January Giveaways posts, starting here.) And will do my part in reminding you all to share this post here, throughout the month of February. I’ve shown all of you plenty of good faith over the last 8 months of awesome giveaways. I’m asking for a little help to make the most of the next 8 months (and beyond) of giveaways. Thank you. Sincerely. ♥

* charity of your choice: if it looks like we are going to get our 2 million shares, I will run a poll to give all of you a chance to pick which charity we’ll donate to on top of giving away $1000 to one lucky winner.

Also. I’m not going to be a dink about it. If we come anywhere close to one million shares on this post this month, I’ll still spread some serious love around in March. 🙂

Places you can share?

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Google+…wherever you think anyone may be interested in contributing to our biggest giveaway YET. And yes, sharing multiple times to multiple places is acceptable. I can track it all.

And while you are sharing, check out our popular (and bariatric-friendly) roundup of yummy foods, pinned nearly 10,000 times and super good for you, too:

PS: I fully expect to NOT have to give away $1000 in March. But I so very much super duper really want to.

Can we get 1 million shares for this post in February?



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  1. Looking forward to your new crochet a day page, I’ve been crocheting since I’m 5 and love new ideas and inspiration. I shared the post on on the few social media sites that I belong to.

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