4 Quick Tips for Fine Hair French Braids (+ bonus tips included)

4 Quick Tips for Fine Hair French Braids (+ bonus tips included)

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It may come as no surprise that I get lots of inspiration for my posts from Facebook (there is a LOT of fodder there, just sayin’…). Thankfully, my feed is full of good stuff to learn from and to teach from. This post is for a friend of mine, who wants to know a bit better about how to work with her daughter’s fine hair, as well as to (re)learn how to french braid on a squiggly toddler (who is totes adorbs).

I was going to throw up a killer tutorial for a new french braid this week (I haven’t actually tried it on Mags’ hair yet but the concept is pretty cool – fingers crossed, I made it up); however, I thought these 4 quick tips for fine hair french braids might help out a friend and get her on the right road to braiding confidently the more simple braids before she tackles something crazy complicated (as I am completely sure she WILL do, soon enough!).

Fine Hair French Braids
4 Quick Tips for Fine Hair French Braids

1: Wet the hair.

Either practice your fine hair french braids right after the shower (or bath) or get yourself a good spray bottle. Wetting the hair will help you keep track of stray strands and be easier to work with. French braiding wet hair will also give the hair a memory (as silly as it sounds). Once dry, it will stay in place a whole lot better than if you’d started with dry hair.

2: Bribe the child.

If you are working with a squiggly child (mine is 12 and this still matters), bribe them. I told my friend to “negotiate” but it’s the same, really. Make them a deal they can’t refuse. Whatever that may be, you’ll both be less annoyed in the end if the french braid is fabulous and no one lost their head.

Hey. You bribe your way, I’ll bribe mine. Mags’ head is still attached and now she asks me to braid her hair rather than me just doing it for my pleasure; so the sitting still HAS improved.

3: Practice makes better.

This goes for all things; we say “better” rather than “perfect” (whatever that means). This fine hair french braids tip is simply logical. Keep practicing. Of course it can be frustrating (for you or your braid-ee) depending on other variables. But keep at it. The more you french braid, the better you’ll be.

4: Work with dirty hair.

I know, sounds gross. But if you are struggling with learning how to braid your own fine hair, you may discover that working with it after it has a day (or more) of product, the elements, and time on it – will aid you in your braiding endeavors. Dirty hair just has more sculptability. Try it and see if french braiding your fine and dirty hair doesn’t help make you better at it.

(Of COURSE #4 is in direct opposition with #1. Clean and wet vs. Dirty. Hmmm.).


Find what works for you. I’ve shared 4 quick tips for fine hair french braids. We’ve only just begun talking about french braids and braiding in general.

The point?

Take what you can use and discard the rest. Also know that we will be talking more about french braids in the weeks to come.

Cute Girls Hairstyles - a seriously hair raising internet sensation of epic family proportions!Until then, I’ve found a great source for cute girl hairstyles and if you are looking for popular, trending, must-have looks for you and/or your mini-me’s, these FAB french braiding (and beyond) folks are for you. Tons of (really great how-to) videos included. Oh, how I love finding good stuff on this intertube thingy!

4 MORE Mini Tips for Mamas Who Want to Braid…

  • Practice while they are napping (even if it’s one side or the front, you are only practicing OR coming up with the latest greatest new hair-do).
  • Get them involved by having them hold the hair ties/brush/spray bottle.
  • Distract while braiding. Preschool/Kindergarten gossip is pretty good (or so I hear).
  • Breathe. Most importantly. Remember that not every time you want to braid, will she be willing to sit and be braided.

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn



Please Note: The preceding assumes you know the basic how-to’s of french braiding. NO WORRIES if you don’t, however. I’ll be sharing some more hands-on hair how-to’s with Mags, coming soon. And PUH-lease be sure to let me know what other hairstyles you’d like to see me and the kid tackle – pics/vids/tutorials/whatever.

This is fun, ya know?!!! 😉

And how do you DO your fine hair french braids?



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