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Five Reasons You Should Know Theresa Wiza

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Theresa WizaI know, I know. I should have just signed up for the A to Z Blogging Challenge, right?

Well, there’s always next year. Besides, I’m having so much fun promoting those who did sign up. I’m learning more about fellow writers and loving their blogging styles so much that I can’t wait to make my post each day.

Today’s Blogger?

Theresa Wiza, of course.

And I’m going to give you 5 great reasons why you should get to know Theresa.

First of all, you should know that I have only just “met” this lovely lady. And so very glad to make her acquaintance.

5 reasons You Should Know Theresa Wiza:

#1: She blogs!

Not one, not two, not even three blogs; but eight. Eight different blogs to get your fill. It might be the number 8 that endears me but I’m also quite sure it’s that each blog offers up a little something different – I guarantee you’ll find something to your liking – check them out now:

My Heart Blogs To You – A to Z Challenge
Paranormal Minds
Help for Single Parents – A to Z Challenge
Writer of Blogs
Your Weird Dreams
Your Blog Connection
Product Favorites
Theresa Wiza

The #2 reason you should know Theresa is that she is current with all her blogs. That means she works her butt off to bring you something fresh at least once a week (and most, more often) with all 8 blogs. I can get parenting advice, read a lovely family adventure (or an embarrassing one), discover someone’s dream, or get the skinny about a product I want to try. How darn cool is that?

#3: Theresa Wiza also writes for Y!CN

And her talents there are fabulous too. Her article –  5 Reasons Why Nobody Reads Your Blog* – has some great blogger tips for newbie bloggers and seasoned vets. (*July 2014: Y!CN link(s) removed because they are no longer valid 🙁 )

#4: Theresa Wiza is a breast cancer survivor

I happen to know many women who have survived this deadly disease and one core value that each have within them is strength – to go forward, having survived this cancer and to work toward a better life for themselves and others. Amazing!

And last but not least, the #5 reason you should know Theresa Wiza:

Because you can. Yep. Its easy. Just click any of those links above and enjoy getting to know her. I’m certainly better off for having done so and you can be too.

~ Cheers
Sandra Lynn

Please note: I did not sign up for the A to Z Challenge but am so proud of the more than 1000 who did. I’m dedicating every post this month to a different blog; some bloggers I already know and some I’ve yet to “meet”. A to Z…how fun AND fabulous!!!

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3 thoughts on “Five Reasons You Should Know Theresa Wiza

  1. Thank you, Theresa. It was apparent early on in my online writing career that there were so many fantastic writers out there and I really want to share them ALL…one post at a time, lol. Plus I’m hoping to get back to writing too.

    I didn’t realize you weren’t in remission yet. 5 years, right? I will keep good thoughts coming your way. You are lovely 🙂

    And thanks for the link love too 🙂

  2. By the way, I’m not yet in remission, so I’m still surviving breast cancer. However, in September, 2015, I will be in remission, and I thank you for your positive thoughts. Also I TRY to keep up with all of these blogs, so thank you again for that little extra push. I’m posting a link to your blog (not just this post) on my facebook page.

  3. I so wish you had signed up for this blogging challenge. In trying to keep up with the challenge bloggers, I missed this blog. I admire your selflessness and your way of sharing your blog with other bloggers. THANK YOU!

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