Follow This ONE Selfish Rule First – Life Lesson #1

Follow This ONE Selfish Rule First – Life Lesson #1

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I wish I’d known this earlier in my life. I mean really known this ONE selfish rule and actually followed it. As much as I try to now, it’s still sometimes difficult to do. But the bottom line is that if you aren’t following this one selfish rule first, the rest is almost pointless.

One Selfish Rule

So here it is…

You must take care of you before you can take care of anyone else.

It’s why they tell you to put your oxygen mask on first if the plane is going down, right? Makes sense. If you are 100% (or there a-bouts) then you are much better equipped to handle whatever else comes your way.

Of course it’s selfish. As a rule, we don’t do too many things that are selfless (think about it). And in this instance, it’s especially important to realize how much you need to be at the top of your game if you are going to care for whom or what -ever.

You simply cannot give any -thing or -one else your time and attention if you haven’t taken the time and attention for yourself, first.

You must take care of you before you can take care of anyone else.

Follow this ONE selfish rule first and you may discover just how much easier it is to handle all the rest of (whatever) that comes your way.

And no, it’s not easy. But once you get into the habit, it’s also not hard to be a little selfish in caring for yourself. Which, in turn, will make you more able to care for those and that around you.

So go on, be a little selfish – for you first and then for them…

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn



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Do you find yourself better able to “take care of it all” when you are taking care of you first? What about those times when you feel like you have to forget yourself; do others suffer too?

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27 thoughts on “Follow This ONE Selfish Rule First – Life Lesson #1

  1. It took me a long time as a young mum and a people pleaser to realize how important this life lesson is. Looking after me too makes me a better mum

  2. Absolutely! When I was younger I thought always had to put my kids first and formost no matter what! BUT if I’m not taking care of myself I’m no good to my kids!

  3. So many people told me this my whole life but I never listened. I have cared for people my whole life bc it makes me happy. Now that I’m older and sick it seems not so many people want to help so I’m trying to be selfish just a little ♡

  4. As a mother of 4, my oldest 26 & my youngest 12, I admits my kids have always come 1st. When we are short on food the kids eat and I get the leftovers. But if I get sick I do see the Dr. And take my meds& vitamins. Mothers have to learn how to balance the needs of family and herself.

  5. I take care of my disabled son and mother.and since May I’ve been my step mom’s rock since my Dad passed .AND up till April 22nd I also took care of my mother-in-law till she passed here at home where I administered her morphine on Hospice.I don’t have time to think or worry about me they need me to much.My day will come.

  6. I follow this rule where I can..sometimes you HAVE TO pick others over yourself. PS.. Link in the giveaway does not work. I found ya anyway!! <3

  7. So true; if I am not well or not felling good, I tend to neglect family a bit, not giving the attention I should and they deserve.

  8. This one is a hard one for me..I’m my disabled mothers caretaker and she always comes first., I have a really hard time putting myself first, it’s not in my nature, but I see the reasoning for it, I will give it more of an effort.

  9. This is so true! Take care of yourself and make sure I am happy because If I do not, then I can not be any use to anyone else!

  10. I’m lacking on following this rule…but will soon will start being a little selfish. If you see a wayward family running around not knowing what way to turn, then you know I’ve put this rule into play. As a wife, mother, grandmother and all around care giver it’s easy to put yourself at the end of the train. Thanks for some great advice Sandra.
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    • We are both guilty of not caring for ourselves first, my friend. And it comes directly from a place of love. However, we both know it’s not healthy, either. Perhaps your wayward family can get together with mine and you and I can sneak off to a spa (for a week or so, lol). YAY 😉 In lieu of that, more time for us, more time for them. Better all the way around! <3
      Sandra Lynn recently posted…Follow This ONE Selfish Rule First – Life Lesson #1My Profile

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